Tornado Touched Down Spinning The Wrong Way: Why?

Rare anticyclonic tornado spotted in Deuel County

This has been a crazy year for the weather in KELOLAND. From heavy snow, to too much rain… to below average temps. Well, it should come as no surprise to learn that this last weekend, KELOLAND has a tornado that was spinning the wrong way.

You might have seen a video going around on Facebook of a tornado in Deuel County and, as usual, the National Weather Service went out the next day to do a report on the tornado. The tornado was rated as an EF-0 with winds up to 75 mph. Trees and one building receiving damage. But further analysis revealed this was no normal tornado. It was spinning backward!

Normally, tornadoes in the northern hemisphere spin cyclonically or counter-clockwise but this tornado came from a storm that split into two and the left moving storm was able to produce an anticyclonic tornado or a tornado that was spinning clockwise.

And tornadoes like this are very rare. Around 1 percent of tornadoes in the northern hemisphere spin like this. And looking ahead to the future, our severe weather season is knocking on the door and we’ll likely see more normal severe weather in the coming days and weeks.

So keep those Storm Tracker apps nearby so when those strong thunderstorms get going, you can get notifications to help keep you and those around you safe.

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