Every Thing That The Walt Disney Company Owns; A Chart

The Walt Disney Company has been furiously acquiring various entertainment studios and businesses in recent decades, and has just expanded its media empire with the acquisition of Fox.

As a part of the FOX deal, Disney acquired, Fox Family and Fox Animation, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and Fox 2000 Pictures; Fox’s television creative units, Twentieth Century Fox Television, FX Productions, and Fox21; FX Networks; National Geographic Partners; Fox Networks Group International; Star India; as well as the company’s stake in Hulu, Tata Sky, and Endemol Shine Group shows.

Everything That Disney Owns: Charts 1

In addition to FOX, Disney also owns Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar, along with a variety of other smaller brands. Disney’s portfolio also includes. ESPN, Touchstone Pictures, A&E, The History Channel, Lifetime, Hollywood Records, and Vice Media. This is on top of the already extremely lucrative Disney businesses, which include Disney films, the television brand as well as the stores, theme parks, and merchandise.

The chart below shows the full extent of Disney’s domination over the entertainment industry.

Everything That Disney Owns: Charts 2

The above graphic showing Disney’s media dominance was provided by CartoonBrew.com.

Last month, heiress Abigail Disney sparked controversy after criticizing the company for paying its employees such low wages.

In an explosive opinion piece for The Washington Post, titled “It’s time to call out my family’s company — and anyone else rich off their workers’ backs,” Abigail Disney called attention to the extreme disparity between the pay of the workers and that of the CEO.

“This growth in inequality has affected every corner of American life. We are increasingly a lopsided, barbell nation, where the middle class is shrinking, a very few, very affluent people own a great deal and the majority have relatively little. What is more, as their wealth has grown, the super-rich have invested heavily in politicians, policies and social messaging to pad their already grotesque advantages,” she said in her article.

“I have been quietly grumbling about this issue for some time now, uncertain how public to be. It is time to call out the men and women who lead us and to draw a line in the sand about how low we are prepared to let hard-working people sink while top management takes home ever-more-outrageous sums of money. It is unreasonable to expect corporate boards to act as a check on this trend; they are almost universally made up of CEOs, former CEOs and people who long to be CEOs,” she added.

Original Article:https://www.anonews.co/everything-that-disney-owns-charts/

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