Wikileaks And Julian Assange Exposed Deep State Crimes

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has not only been arrested but is also expected to be extradited to the United States. His crime: the exposure of government dirty dealings, or journalism.

WikiLeaks & Assange Exposed Deep State Crimes

After years spent hiding in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested. Deep State propagandists in the media could barely contain their excitement over the arrest and upcoming prosecution of Assange on criminal charges filed by the U.S. Department of Justice. And it is not hard to see why. Assange and his organization helped to expose a wide array of Deep State crimes, ranging from illegal gunrunning and war crimes to subversion and even perversion among elites. Taken together, it is clear that because of WikiLeaks and its disclosures, the world is much better informed about what has been taking place in the shadows.

So far, however, the crimes exposed by WikiLeaks have gone largely unpunished. Instead, the Deep State turned its attention to WikiLeaks founder Assange and those who provided information to him. In Sweden, prosecutors filed “sex crimes” charges against Assange because he allegedly failed to use a condom during consensual sex. But in the United States, matters were more serious. Under the guise of protecting “national security,” a number of Deep State operatives called for him to be prosecuted for “espionage” or even “treason,” perhaps forgetting that Assange is not American.

The Deep State is serious about keeping its secrets. Prior to Assange’s arrest, an advisor to then-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper proposed skipping the whole “due process” thing and simply having Obama assassinate Assange with a drone-fired missile. Numerous neocons called Assange an “enemy combatant.”

Eventually, the Deep State-controlled U.S. Department of Justice — the same DOJ whose leaders conspired with each other and the establishment media to take down President Trump with “Russia collusion” lies — settled on a charge of “conspiracy” to hack into a computer “in furtherance of a criminal act.” After years inside the London embassy with political-asylum protection from the government of Ecuador, Assange was finally arrested by U.K. authorities. He is almost certain to be extradited, and is expected to face trial in the United States. He could face as much as five years in prison, assuming no new charges are filed. But it could have been much worse. In November of 2018, it emerged that the DOJ had filed a secret indictment against Assange that many feared could see him locked up for life.

But for what crimes? Despite the Deep State hysteria, it appears that all that Assange did was what any (real) journalist would do: obtain information about powerful individuals and institutions revealing wrongdoing, and then publish it for the world to see. This is what real journalism has always been about. Indeed, a quote often attributed to 1984 author George Orwell sums it up quite well: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.” And if that is the standard, Assange was certainly doing real journalism. He may be one of the few people in the world today who truly deserve the title “journalist.” And that is almost certainly why the Deep State wants him behind bars.

What WikiLeaks Exposed

What follows is a brief sample of the mega-stories first exposed by WikiLeaks — stories that much of the “mainstream” media under-reported or ignored, and stories that the Deep State hopes you will never hear about.

War crimes: What really put WikiLeaks on the map for the first time was incredible footage it released in 2010 offering smoking-gun evidence of U.S. government war crimes. Among other horrors, the video, dubbed “Collateral Murder” by the organization, included footage of U.S. troops firing on civilians and journalists from an Apache helicopter in Iraq. Some 18 people were slaughtered by American forces from the air, including two Reuters employees covering the war and U.S. occupation of that nation. Also shown in the video was an attack by the U.S. gunship on civilians trying to aid and evacuate the dead and wounded, an act that is universally considered a war crime. Two children were seriously wounded in the attack. Before the video was released by WikiLeaks, the U.S. military had refused to disclose the circumstances under which the Reuters employees were killed. And it claimed not to know how the children were injured. The video proved the military was lying.

Secret war in Yemen: Another major scandal exposed by WikiLeaks was the fact that the Obama administration was unlawfully waging a secret war in Yemen, while lying to Americans about it. Among other revelations, diplomatic cables released by the organization showed that high-profile bombings inside Yemen that were reportedly carried out by Yemeni forces had actually been unleashed by Obama — without even a semblance of congressional approval, much less a constitutionally mandated declaration of war from Congress. A cable that documented a meeting between U.S. General David Petraeus with Yemen’s U.S.-backed “President” Ali Abdullah Saleh in early 2010 quoted Saleh discussing a conspiracy to lie to the world. “We’ll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours,” Saleh said. According to the cable, Saleh’s remarks prompted one of Saleh’s minions, Deputy Prime Minister Rashad al-Alimi, “to joke that he had just ‘lied’ by telling Parliament that the bombs in Arhab, Abyan, and Shebwa were American-made but deployed by the ROYG [Repubic of Yemen Government].” WikiLeaks also revealed U.S. government war crimes in Yemen, including the use of illegal cluster bombs.

North American Union: By the time 2011 came around, The New American  had spent years exposing a plan to merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico under a European Union-style regime for North America. But without smoking-gun government documents to prove it, much of the establishment simply ridiculed or ignored the voices calling out the scheming. But then, WikiLeaks dropped a bombshell: A secret U.S. embassy cable from 2005, released by WikiLeaks in April 2011, confirmed in black and white that North American governments were indeed plotting to “integrate” the continent. The official document, signed by then-American Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, outlined the best ways to peddle the scheme to policymakers and the public. Most alarming to critics, it also discussed ways of getting around national constitutions and even the possibility of an eventual “monetary union.” Numerous other topics are broached in the leaked document, too: borders, labor, regulations, and more. Incredibly, the document points to Canada’s constitutional protections for provincial sovereignty as a “problem” that could be overcome by an “international initiative.”

Pushing climate-change program with bribes: One of the most interesting revelations to come from WikiLeaks’ dump of U.S. diplomatic cables exposed how U.S. and EU authorities bribed, threatened, and bullied other governments to join the climate bandwagon. Cables about the Maldives, for example, showed that that backward regime promised to support the 2009 UN Copenhagen Accord on climate change in exchange for U.S. taxpayer money. The “tangible assistance,” as the regime referred to it, would allegedly be used to finance various pet projects such as a deeper harbor. Why a nation supposedly on the brink of disappearing under the waves needed a deeper harbor was not explained. How the depth of a harbor is related to climate change was not mentioned either. But once U.S. tax money began flowing, other nations would understand “the advantages to be gained by compliance” with the climate agreement, a Maldivian official promised U.S. climate negotiator Jonathan Pershing. Bribes were also used to bring Saudi officials on board with the UN climate regime. One cable featured U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Fay Levin plotting “to use aid money as political leverage” on the “climate” front. And then-EU climate boss Connie Hedegaard “suggested the AOSIS [Alliance of Small Island States] countries ‘could be our best allies’ given their need for financing,” according to another cable. In short, wealthy Western powers were bribing Third World regimes to support the UN climate agenda, while threatening those that refused. Other cables revealed that the CIA and the State Department were even spying on those involved in the climate process to obtain leverage. Analysts called those revelations the “tip of the iceberg.” Private businesses engaged in such unethical practices would likely have been prosecuted under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Aiding drug cartels: One of the biggest bombshells to come from WikiLeaks was the U.S. government’s involvement with murderous Mexican drug cartels. Perhaps the most explosive of the e-mails from the private intelligence firm Stratfor, many of which were released by WikiLeaks, showed that the U.S. government was allowing Mexican assassins into the United States to murder people, at least if they agreed to cooperate with U.S. authorities. “Regarding ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] screwing up informants: They [ICE] were handling big hit men from Juarez and letting them kill in the U.S.,” a “federal law enforcement supervisor” wrote in a Stratfor e-mail released by WikiLeaks in 2012. That same U.S. official revealed that U.S. Special Operations troops were operating in Mexico. Those U.S. troops were helping Mexican forces — described as “death squads” by analysts — to use “surgical strikes” to murder people. The Stratfor release also confirmed what many other sources had alleged: The U.S. government was quietly supporting certain Mexican criminal empires, especially the Sinaloa drug cartel, in a bid to solidify the syndicates’ reign as dominant powerbrokers in particular territories. If cartel chiefs cooperate with authorities, “governments will allow controlled drug trades,” a diplomatic source wrote in an e-mail, confirming numerous other sources and reports on the practice.

Clinton-Podesta “spirit cooking”: Among the most bizarre and disturbing revelations to come from WikiLeaks were some found in the e-mails belonging to John Podesta, an insider’s insider. Before becoming the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, he served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, counselor to Obama, and chairman of the subversive, Soros-funded “Center for American Progress.” He is also — perhaps surprisingly to those who do not study the elites — deeply involved in the world of occultism, his e-mails revealed. Consider, for instance, a June 28, 2015 e-mail exchange between Podesta and occult-themed pseudo-artist Marina Abramovic, whose Twitter handle is AbramovicM666. “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place,” Abramovic wrote to Podesta before asking whether his brother (and fellow Deep State bigwig) would be attending. For those unfamiliar with “spirit cooking,” this is an occult ritual in which menstrual blood, sperm, breast milk, and urine are mixed together and blood is splashed around under the guise of “art.” The ostensible purpose is to connect with the “spirits,” something the Bible clearly condemns and that has roots in the demonic. Consider that spirit cooking is considered a “sacrament” in the satanic “religion” of “Thelema” founded by notorious satanist pervert Aleister Crowley. Other e-mails in the WikiLeaks releases include conversations Clinton had about an accused child-trafficker whom the Clintons had protected through their influence.

Fomenting regime change in Syria before civil war: While Western powers claimed that the Syrian civil war was simply the result of a pro-democracy uprising being suppressed by a tyrant, WikiLeaks proved otherwise. In fact, leaked U.S. government diplomatic cables showed that the U.S. government had been showering American funds on Syrian opposition groups for many years before armed conflict broke out. Even propaganda and psy-ops were being bankrolled by the U.S. taxpayer as far back as the George W. Bush administration. Among the recipients of that “aid” was Barada Television, a Syrian opposition TV outfit founded and run by Osama Monajed of the Syrian National Council, or SNC, the Western-backed front group purporting to be the genuine representative of the Syrian people. The Syrian regime “would undoubtedly view any U.S. funds going to illegal political groups as tantamount to supporting regime change,” noted the top U.S. diplomat in Damascus in a 2009 embassy cable, highlighting “current U.S.-sponsored programming that supports anti-[government] factions, both inside and outside Syria.” State Department spokesmen later claimed that unconstitutionally pouring U.S. taxpayer money on foreign propaganda aimed at fomenting revolution in Syria was not “necessarily” undermining the existing government.

Gunrunning to terrorists: On the campaign trail, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of “co-founding” the Islamic State (ISIS). Documents obtained and released by Judicial Watch and WikiLeaks proved he was right. In addition to a smoking-gun report from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency showing that a “salafist principality” (hardline Islamic state) in Eastern Syria was a policy objective of the Obama administration, and that the White House knew the rebellion in Syria was led by al-Qaeda terrorists, e-mails released by WikiLeaks from Clinton exposed her involvement as secretary of state in shipping weapons to jihadists, including to ISIS. Speaking to the far-left Democracy Now program, Assange highlighted the fact that Clinton played a key role in funneling weaponry from Libya to Obama-backed terror groups in Syria. Other e-mails reveal that the Obama administration knowingly supported al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, hoping to create an Islamic State. Another shows that Clinton knew Libyan “rebels” she supported during that country’s overrun were massacring blacks as part of an “ethnic cleansing” campaign, along with other war crimes. “So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates,” Assange said. “So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS — that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.”

Gold/Libya: In 2011, The New American became one of the first media outlets in the world to report on the fact that Moammar Gadhafi’s proposed gold-backed currency for the region was likely a major factor in the decision of Western globalists and the United Nations to overthrow his regime by partnering with al-Qaeda and other jihadist terrorist groups on the ground. (Al-Qaeda’s Libyan branch was known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, and e-mails show the State Department knew this as well.) E-mails from the U.S. State Department under Clinton, released on New Year’s Eve and compiled in searchable format by WikiLeaks, confirm that Gadhafi’s gold-currency plan was a major factor in the decision to destroy him. In an April 2011 e-mail to Clinton from Sid Blumenthal, a globalist warmonger close to the Clinton family, Clinton is told that “Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.” The gold, which was accumulated prior to the Obama-backed jihad against Libya, “was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar,” Blumenthal told Clinton, adding that the precious metals were valued at over $7 billion. “This plan was designed to provide the Francophone [French-speaking] African Countries with an alternative to the French [Central African] franc (CFA).”  Blumenthal also told Clinton that this gold currency plan “was one of the factors that influenced [French] President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya.” Oil was another motivating factor.

Other notable releases: The above list is far from exhaustive. Other revelations from WikiLeaks worth mentioning include documents from the National Security Agency released in 2015 confirming that the Obama administration was spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. WikiLeaks also exposed over 100 key companies in the “mass surveillance industry” and the close relationship between the industry and brutal dictators and tyrants the world over. “Intelligence companies such as VASTech secretly sell equipment to permanently record the phone calls of entire nations,” WikiLeaks explained when dumping the documents. Among the alarming disclosures surrounding the Afghan war, meanwhile, were documents showing that Pakistani intelligence officials were working with jihadists to plan attacks on U.S. troops — all while the U.S. government was sending billions in aid to the regime in Pakistan.

Revenge of the Deep State

Right now, Assange is being prosecuted for supposedly trying (unsuccessfully) to help a U.S. military intelligence analyst to crack a password. Whether that even happened remains unclear. However, more charges have not been ruled out. Either way, it appears that rather than seeking justice, the Deep State operatives at the U.S. Department of Justice are seeking revenge against WikiLeaks and Assange for having exposed and embarrassed their friends and associates.

“WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria. It is the single most significant collection of information that doesn’t exist elsewhere, in a searchable, accessible, citable form, about how modern institutions actually behave,” Assange explained about the disclosures his organization was responsible for, with the highlights above representing the tip of the iceberg. “And it’s gone on to set people free from prison, where documents have been used in their court cases; hold the CIA accountable for renditions programs; feed into election cycles, which have resulted in the termination of, in some case — or contributed to the termination of governments, in some cases, taken the heads of intelligence agencies, ministers of defense and so on. So, you know, our civilization can only be as good as our knowledge of what our civilization is. We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand.” And perhaps that is the whole point.

Conservatives and constitutionalists have praised WikiLeaks for similar reasons. Former Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas), a founding father of the modern liberty movement, applauded the organization and its work on the floor of Congress. “Despite what is claimed, the information that has been so far released, though classified, has caused no known harm to any individual, but it has caused plenty of embarrassment to our government,” he explained, adding that neoconservatives were upset with the revelations that loosed their grip on empire. “If WikiLeaks is to be prosecuted for publishing classified documents, why shouldn’t the Washington Post, the New York Times, and others who also published these documents be prosecuted?” And perhaps that is the point, too. If Assange and WikiLeaks can be successfully prosecuted for embarrassing the Deep State, it will set a dangerous precedent allowing future truth-tellers to be destroyed, too.

By revealing the truth, WikiLeaks and Assange have offered a tremendous service to humanity. Now it is time to make sure the real criminals are punished.

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