Trade Wars, Peak Oil, Naval Movements And America’s Only Way Out

The Trump government has today upped the ante in its trade negotiations with China by announcing a 25% tariff imposed on $200 billion worth of goods imports from their 10% previous tariff rate.

This recent statement is just like any other previous pronouncements aimed at applying pressure to the Chinese negotiators, who are now scheduled to go to the US for the final negotiations and ended up cancelling the trip, like what happened in September 2018.

Both sides, of course, believe that they are negotiating from the position of strength. This is the underlying cause why both of them will never reach a long term agreement that otherwise would still be torn apart by the next succeeding US administrations.

The reality of course is that the world has stopped revolving around America, no more. Massive developments are already undergoing throughout the Eurasian landscape, in Africa, Southeast Asia and some parts of Latin America.

The desperation of the Western oligarchs is manifested in their various attempts at grabbing Venezuelan and Syrian oil and gas reserves, and the recent entry of a US carrier strike group near Iranian waters, after Trump talked to Putin about “tremendous potential ties with Russia.”

The United States is deploying its aircraft carrier strike group near Iran to send message to Iran, US national security adviser John Bolton said.

Another group of US destroyers is also on the way to the South China Sea to provoke their Chinese counterparts into a shooting war as trade talks are collapsing.

The South China Sea is one of a growing number of contentious issues in US-China relations, which have also been complicated by seemingly crumbling trade talks, US sanctions, and Taiwan’s status.

These are just some of the reasons why all of the big military organizations around the world are on high alert at this point in time, especially right after the latest MCIS summit in Russia.

The Deep State rats are cornered economically and geopolitically.

America’s Way Out

Some of our readers do spend their time trying to figure out what’s best for America given the circumstances it is in right now, e.g. deteriorating geopolitical influence, languishing economy, unpatriotic political parties, and moral decadence in general.


I noticed an older 2012 posting where you questioned the Canadian Tar Sands.  In 2006 I studied oil reserves in an effort to dispel Ruppert’s “Crossing The Rubicon,” and wrote the attached report (a lot of details, but sketchy and rambles a bit).  Satisfied with what I had found, I stopped my research.

I also added comments to a report from “The American Thinker” (2nd attachment).  Since those were written 13 years ago, there are other considerations given to solving the US economy.

My conclusion was that (1) Ruppert’s claim of “peak oil” was bogus (not well researched), and (2) the world has enough crude to last an estimated 1800 years. A considerable share of this lies in the tar sands of Utah and the north slope of Alaska.  Little consideration was given to Siberian oil in Russia.

The tar sand extractions from Canada is quite a dirty process, and the oil retrieved is higher in sulfur than the sweet crude found in the tar sands of Utah.  So, Edmonton, Canada probably still has a extensive pollution problem, and their newer extraction area is not much better; thus I can’t sing any praise for their oil quality or cleanup efforts.

A close friend and three partners had claims to the five largest Utah tar sand pits, which I’ve seen, and through a partnership they had developed a fast action chemical solvent (I’ve witnessed this process, so I know it’s real) to extract the oil, leaving clean sand to replace back into the environment.  One pit was estimated to contain enough crude oil to last 300 years or more.

A patent was applied for, but stolen at the US Patent Office and given to SERCO in the UK.  The cost of production (including the cost of specialized equipment) was about $12 per barrel, so when the oil market was manipulated to $140 per barrel in about 2006, you can only imagine the stolen wealth.  The oil operations in Edmonton wanted to purchase their invention, but no agreement was ever reached.

Later it was determined that all Canadian and US natural resources was considered as under the control of the UK, and since they still owned and controlled the US, all natural resources were placed under auspices of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  About 2007, the BLM and EPA (and other agencies) shut down the Utah tar sand operations before it could begin operations.  The partners are now all deceased.


John shared us this article to comment on.

The Only Way Out for the American Economy

Note: All italicized comments are John’s.

Economic despair reigns in America, as stagnation and mounting debt make our future look hopeless. Yet America is uniquely positioned to rebound and recover our economic preeminence. All that is necessary is a political decision to reverse our energy policy and stimulate domestic production of hydrocarbons. From that would flow a true economic stimulus that would mend many of our ills.

The United States is again, for the second time in less than three years, being reminded of its absurd dependence of foreign sources of energy, most notably, oil.  The upheavals in the Middle East have driven up the cost of a barrel of oil into triple digits as it was in 2008.  The increasing demands of countries such as China and India and the deliberate devaluation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration are steadily pushing up oil prices in dollars.

The country’s dependence of foreign sources has increased to 52% of the daily requirement as compared to 45% just 15 years ago.  Over half of that amount comes from countries that are inherently unstable or ruled by despotic regimes whose interest it is to de-stabilize the United States.

Yet the United States is sitting on the world’s largest untapped oil reserve.  A natural resource that would not only mitigate the over $400 Billion sent overseas to other countries but could create untold millions of jobs and put the country on a sound financial footing.

The untapped reserves are estimated up to 2.3 Trillion barrels, nearly three times the reserves held by the OPEC countries and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand, at today’s levels — for auto, truck, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.  Believe this estimate to be conservative, but even with this authors estimate, the US has enough oil for 1200 years at our current consumption rate.

The US could become the single largest exporter of oil and oil related products in the world, thus potentially eliminating its trade deficit, and increasing the national standard of living as well as making a massive dent in the national debt.  Russia regained its number one oil producing country in the world, and may have 2 trillion bbls. 

Here is a look at some of the largest untapped reserves:

The Bakken Fields in North and South Dakota, Montana, and Canada.  New drilling and oil recovery technology is making the capture of this oil feasible and some development is now underway.  It is estimated that there is at least 400 Billion barrels of oil in this region.  At a price of $100 per barrel the value of this find is $20 Trillion.  Below the Bakken is the Three-Forks play estimated to be the twin of the Bakken.  A third layer above has been recently located, but not assessed.  The estimate of 400 bbls may be low, as recoverable oil may exceed 500 bbls.  Value is then $100 trillion.  The USGA has been asked to reassess this massive region, but has not done so as of this date.

The Outer Continental shelf.  It is estimated that around 90 billion barrels of oil sit beneath the ocean bed 50 to 100 miles off the shore of the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts.  The value: $9 Trillion.

The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.  About 20 billion barrels are locked up here with a current value of $2 Trillion.  More like 43 bbls for $4.3 trillion.

Tar Sands:  Around 75 Billion barrels of oil could come from these areas which are similar to the Canadian tar sand fields and which now produce about 2 million barrels per day.  The value:  $7.5 Trillion.  This is erroneous as Sen. Orrin hatch stated Utah may have as much as 3 trillion bbls – you do the math, but it’s about $300 trillion.  This is the least expensive to produce.

Oil Shale.  This is the most massive area of potential oil production in the world with an estimated 2.5 Trillion barrel potential.  The technology necessary to extract this oil is now in place and being operated on a pilot project basis.  The value of this resource:  $150 Trillion

This may be an accurate assessment, but this oil is the most difficult and expensive to produce.  The location is Wyoming (Greenriver and Niobara), Colorado, and Utah.

There also the very real potential that further finds will be discovered as technology continues to improve.

In total the value of the potential oil reserves of the United States listed above exceeds $187 Trillion.  The current national debt is $14.2 Trillion or less than 8%.  Estimates for oil reserves should be closer to $500 trillion.

Despite the protestation of President Obama and the environmentalists the world and particularly the United States is not running out of oil.  Their foolish tilting at windmills and solar will never produce energy sufficient to operate a $14Trillion and hopefully growing economy.  It will be decades if not the rest of the 21st Century before any meaningful substitute for fossil fuels will be developed and additional time and investment will then be necessary to distribute the product.  “Peak Oil” was a theory established in the 50’s where mankind’s production and consumption would graphically reach the same level in about CY2008, and as consumption grew, production declined, hence “peak.”  The scare tactics of 2007 and 2007 also included two statements by Obama during the Presidential debates, that the US only had 3% of the world’s oil supply.  At that time it was a known LIE, but the media prevailed.

Mankind’s ingenuity has and will continue to develop technology to safely extract, process and market fossil fuels (which is a naturally occurring resource).  But the United States must begin now to open the areas for exploration, and permit the construction of refineries and pipelines.

It is beyond absurd that a country sitting on so much natural wealth refuses to exploit it for the benefit of its citizens and instead deliberately puts the nation in the position of being subjected to the whims of others and face national insolvency.  It almost appears to be deliberate.

The Fed collects a 25% royalty per barrel, and IRS taxes $.46 per gallon.  You can see that any increase to the world price (established by OPC), and the Fed receives considerably more in royalty revenues – and you pay for it.

The message above purposely ignores the existence of exotic free energy technologies that are the foundation of all black budgeted projects, and the recipients of most unexplained Pentagon multi-trillion budget, in order to eliminate the debate about whether these technologies exist, or not.

So, first the Deep State wants to exploit other countries’ resources to fatten up their own bellies and when those energy resources are depleted in time, Peak Oil – they say, that would be the best time when their own energy reserves will be extracted at a selling price that they could command.

Bear in mind, we are not talking here about sovereign US energy resources that would benefit all citizens of America, but corporate ones as most of these resources were already identified through the USGS, and exclusive access thereto was awarded to private corporations, decades ago.

This elaborate plan also necessitates the deliberate suppression of more efficient methods to utilize fossil fuel, and they are actively doing that for decades now, including murder of those who introduced other alternative methods to bypass the noisy combustion engines altogether.

In short, it will be for China’s and the Alliance’s benefit as a whole to just ignore and let the US be what it wants in terms of how it chooses to interact with other world economies, but surely it won’t be allowed to bully these economies anymore.

Sources say Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will likely cancel the trip he’d planned for himself and a 100-person delegation for the final round of talks with the US that could have resulted in a trade deal.

Armed diplomacy has reached its effective lifespan and is now being shunned at everywhere.

Yet, the US economy can be improved just by closing down all 1000 military bases worldwide. Understand this: if the trillion-dollar yearly Pentagon budget is cut in half, that’s $500 billion more for internal investments on infrastructure, education, housing and agriculture.

Obviously, that’s more than the $50 billion that Trump can get from the 25% tariff on $200 billion Chinese goods. That’s America’s way out in all of its economic woes,and it’s not for outsiders to meddle in strictly American domestic affairs. But most Trump fanatics would rather consider America’s aggressive rhetorics as something essential for maintaining its position as a global superpower. In your dreams.

There’s nobody there that has a spine strong enough to inspire every American to rise and topple both corporate political parties for good.
Sometimes, they would even ask foreigners to sing their “Land of the Brave and Home of the Free” anthem for them.

Yeah, the bomber, that’s an essential part of the whole ritual.

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