A Series Of Minor Earthquakes Rattle Tenerife In Orotava Valley- Mirroring Ancient Eruption: Signs Of Awakening?

A series of small earthquakes – M0.7 to M1.4 – has rattled the southern ridge of Tenerife. Such seismic activity is very unusual at this location. Moreover, the tremors are aligned with the volcanic cones of the 1430 eruption in the Oratava Valley… Again unusual!

Tenerife - seismicity from 24 to 26.04.2019 - Doc. IGN.es

 Tenerife - Valle de La Orotava - Doc. IGN.es

Indeed, some earthquakes and microseisms of these last days are aligned with the volcanic cones or emission centers of the 1430’s eruption.

tenerife earthquake swarm april 2019, tenerife earthquake swarm april 2019 map
An unusual swarm of earthquakes rattles Tenerife. It is aligned with the location of the 1430’s eruption of Teide volcano

And there is another very unusual thing: two earthquakes have been recorded in the area of ​​Arona (M0.7 @ a depth of 8.4km, and a M1.4 @ a depth of 8.8km), a very unusual place, also aligned with the cones of the ancient eruption.

Tenerife - information on the seismic-volcanic activity of Tenerife - Doc. Guayota - Pevolca

Historically, many of the last eruptions in Tenerife began with a seismic sequence in the Valle de la Orotava …

Hopefully, this small swarm of quakes isn’t a sign of the next 1430’s eruption that lasted about thirty days.

This is a seismic event to watch despite the current green alert level.

Original Article:http://strangesounds.org/2019/04/tenerife-earthquake-swarm-orotava-valley-eruption.html

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