Hate Hoaxes: The Rise Of Fake Hate Crimes

Hate Hoaxes: Rise of Fake “Hate Crimes”

Since the election of Donald Trump, reports of fake hate crimes, meant to make both Trump and his supporters look bad, have increased. The spotlight that the media have given to these made-up hate crimes has helped to reinforce a belief that hate in America is on the rise under Trump.

Although the FBI does not keep a record of fake hate crimes, such falsified allegations are nothing new. Twenty-five years ago, researcher Laird Wilcox published a book entitled Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America (1994), which documented many such fake hate crimes. In the book’s foreword, Wilcox wrote:

This book grew out of a research project I began in 1988 when the issue of racist and anti-Semitic hoaxes first came to my attention in a serious way. I had learned in talking with a former associate in the civil rights movement of the 1960s that a cross-burning I had always assumed was done by white racists was, in fact, done by civil rights workers. This aroused my curiosity, and more extensive probing convinced me that it may not be an uncommon occurrence.

Wilcox continued, “I quickly discovered that there were almost no sources of information on the subject of racist and anti-Semitic hoaxes.” As result, Wilcox began the “Hoaxer Project” in 1989, in order to “bring together information on the subject.” After collecting an array of newspaper clippings, in 1990 Wilcox published a small report entitled The Hoaxer Project Report. Delving deeper, he found more such cases, culminating in his 1994 book. Unfortunately, his book has not been updated and is currently out of print.

However, with the Internet today, news reports of hoax hate crimes are much easier to track down. Fake hate crimes have increased since the election of Trump, with many laying blame on Trump supporters, helping the Left portray Trump and his supporters as racists, anti-Semites, white nationalists, homophobes, transphobes (fear of transgendered people), Islamophobes, and xenophobes.

The Left, news media, and Hollywood celebrities have fueled the lies by not vetting information or waiting for the facts to unfold.

Anyone who watches the news, listens to socialist lawmakers such as Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), or who follows their favorite celebrities on Twitter is pushed to conclude that Trump, his “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) slogan, and his supporters are “racist.”

For example, politicians, journalists, and celebrities often conflate Trump’s accurate warnings about illegal-alien rapists, drug dealers, human traffickers, convicted criminals, and murderous gangs such as MS-13 with all Hispanics and immigrants.

Despite record-low black and Hispanic unemployment under Trump, the high number of women in the workforce, and his numerous condemnations of racism, bigotry, and racist groups such as the KKK, as well as his popularity among disenfranchised black and Hispanic voters (i.e., the #Blexit and #Lexit movements, hashtags for the black and Latino exits from the Democratic Party, respectively), the Left continues to relentlessly smear the president as a racist bogeyman. They say he is “dog whistling” racist messages and sending tweets inciting hate and violence across the country. If “love wins,” as the Left loves to chime, then they will lose by their very own lack of it.

The recent case of homosexual, biracial Empire actor Jussie Smollett (see below), is merely the latest in a long series of rising false hate crimes that have been reported since the 2016 election to make both Trump and his supporters look bad. Below is a chronological list (from oldest to most recent) of some “hate crimes” that were later revealed to be hoaxes in the era of Trump.

November 1, 2016 — A week prior to the last presidential election, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, a historic 111-year-old black church in Greenville, Mississippi, was burned from within and vandalized, with the words “Vote Trump” spray-painted on the outside. The arson was made to look as if it had been committed by a Trump supporter. By targeting a well-known historic black church in the community, it further gave the impression that the arson was racially motivated.

Initial reports about the fire quickly spread throughout national media in the days leading up the election. At the time, Representative Bennie Thompson, a black Democrat representing Mississippi’s Second Congressional District, which includes most of the state’s capital and the heavily populated city of Jackson, as well as Greenville and Vicksburg, told reporters, “The political message of the vandalism is obviously an attempt to sway public opinion regarding the upcoming election.” On December 21, 2016, Mississippi law-enforcement authorities arrested Andrew McClinton, 48, of Leland, Mississippi, an African-American and parishioner of the church. Leland was charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship.

November 8, 2016 — On election night, after leaving a bar in Santa Monica, California, Chris Ball, a homosexual Canadian filmmaker, was alleged to have been the victim of a vicious homophobic attack. The account of the purported incident, along with photos of Ball with his face and shirt drenched in what looks like blood, were posted on Facebook by his friend. The friend’s post read, in part: “To celebrate Trump’s win last night, some Trump supporters decided to smash a beer bottle into my close friend’s head last night for being gay, send him to the ER.” According to the Calgary Metro newspaper, Ball claimed that the individuals “started launching homophobic slurs” at him and said things like, “We got a new president you f***ing f****ts.”

The Daily Caller labeled the incident a hoax, stating, “He did not provide the name of the bar or the location of the attack, and his story has not been substantiated.” On November 10, 2016, the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) released a statement saying that neither they nor the City of Santa Monica had “received any information indicating this crime occurred in the City of Santa Monica.” And despite a Facebook photo showing a battered and blood-covered Ball in what was claimed to be a hospital ER, the SMPD statement commented, “A check of local hospitals revealed there was no victim of any such incident admitted or treated as well.”

Original Article:https://www.thenewamerican.com/print-magazine/item/31834-hate-hoaxes-rise-of-fake-hate-crimes

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