Massive Cloud Of Pollen Swallows North Carolina

Pollen in Durham, North Carolina, sky

It’s a pollen-pocalypse.

Stunning aerial photos show a haze of pollen so thick over Durham, North Carolina, it turned the sky yellow this week — as doctors in the region have reported an uptick in patients complaining about their allergy symptoms.

“In April in North Carolina we have an overlap for a couple weeks where we have pretty high counts of tree and then grass also gets started,” Heather Gutekunst, a doctor with Allergy Partners of Raleigh, told ABC 11. “So when we see that, if you are allergic to both, we tend to see an escalation in symptoms.”

Pollen counts for pine, oak and birch were particularly high in the area, reports said.

The Big Apple, along with the rest of the country, is also experiencing high counts of pollen.

An online video from a tree service company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, called Timberline Outdoors that shows a massive cloud of pollen exploding from a tree last week has gone viral.

The eruption of the haze of pollen is seen in the clip when a single tree limb was cut down to the ground.

Residents in the Southeast have even taken to Twitter to gripe about the high amounts of pollen in the air.

“The amount of pollen in North Carolina right now is absolutely trifling,” @laiken_somer tweeted.

And @KeilaReynolds wrote: “Pollen in North Carolina is no joke.”

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