Massive Objects In Space Push Debris Ahead Of Them: Third MAJOR Meteor In Russia Since Mid-December

A very bright fireball was caught on video as it split into several pieces over Krasnoyarsk, Russia on April 6, 2019. This is the third major meteor event in Russia since December 18.

Residents described it as blindingly bright, ‘akin to the light and sparks created during intense welding work.’

The phenomenon caused fear on the ground, The Siberian Times reported. “It sounded and looked like a plane on fire. I got really scared of the noise and shine it created,” one of the residents told the paper.

The object split into several pieces before disappearing in the sky, somewhere over Irkutsk region.

The local ministry of emergencies confirmed it registered a meteor and said that it didn’t pose a threat to people or infrastructure.

Featured image: Very bright daylight meteor over Krasnoyarsk, Russia on April 6, 2019

Original Article:

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