Man Who Ate Victim’s Faces In Attack Declared Legally Insane

A forensic psychologist says a former college student believed he was “half-dog, half-man” when he fatally attacked a man and woman at their home and was found biting one of their faces.

The Palm Beach Post reports Dr. Phillip Resnick made the conclusion in a 38-page mental-health report released this week by the Martin County State Attorney’s Office.

Investigators say they found Austin Harrouff, now 22, biting John Stevens’ face while making growling noises on Aug. 15, 2016.

Resnick’s report says the fact that Harrouff persisted in biting Stevens “in the presence of police officers, in spite of threats of being shot, being tased and receiving multiple kicks to the head, suggests that Mr. Harrouff was actively psychotic.”

Original Article:

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  1. What the MSM failed to inform the public of is that the so called victim man was a paid propagandist wearing the Hamburgler suit outside of McDonald’s.
    Also unmentioned was the fact that the Cannibal was a vegetarian for thirty years and backslid into a carnivore an just saw that giant hamburger and ate right through it and didn’t stop at the onions.
    Your Honor I ask that this case be dismissed immediately because of prejudiced by the MSM, forming the outcome of the trail by withholding evidence to the public.
    Your Honor I would further like to state that aborted human fetuses are used as food enhancers and have turned fast foods into drugs consumed by the public and therefore no braking at the onions!
    Your Honor it is past the hour can we break for lunch?

    Apparently I didn’t read the article,………………..


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