Is Gravity It’s Own Force, Or The Side Affect Of Electromagnetism?

Note:  This page should only be read after understanding the basic concepts of a unique induced electrical field, with similar properties to that of Gravity.

The “short version” for explaining Gravity:  The force we know as Gravity can be described as a pseudo-force, produced by a non-shieldable divergent Laplace Force, which is produced by the relativistic motions of orbital electrons of all ordinary matter.

UPDATE (Dec 2017):  Please watch the new video with demonstrations to explain the force of Gravity as an ElectroMagnetic side-effect.


Electrogravity Axiom #1:


Electro-gravity fields are produced by moving negative or positive charges, either by moving charged particles or by moving charged objects.  This definition applies to moving atomic charges in nature, as well as man-made mechanical inventions that move charged objects.  The effects are usually much smaller than forces from normal electrostatic and magnetic fields.

There is really nothing new about the EG field.  It is just a new name for the field that causes the old deflective force on a charged particle moving through a magnetic field or the force from the relative motion between a magnetic field and a charged particle.  For illustration, the figure to the left does not show magnetic or electrostatic fields, only EG fields.

However, it is only fairly recently that the properties of this force have been investigated and found to have unique properties, similar to that of gravity.  This being mainly that the field is non-shieldable.


Electrogravity Axiom #2: 

Electrogravity field for axiom #2

Electrogravity field for axiom #2

Normal matter produces electro-gravity fields due to the moving negative charges from orbital electrons.  This is so even when the magnetic fields from a group of randomly oriented atoms average to zero.  The electrogravitic fields produced by randomly oriented atoms do not cancel each other out but are always additive.

EG fields are produced by all electrically neutral matter (antimatter is not discussed here) and are always directed away from the atom.  This means that negatively charged particles will experience an attractive force towards the non-charged atom and positively charged particles will be pushed away from the EG producing atom(s).  The force can exist even when the resulting magnetic fields are equal to zero.  It is worth noting that this force is many orders of magnitude smaller than other forces at work in the atom(s).



Electrogravity Axiom #3: 

Electrogravity field for Axiom #3:

Electrogravity field for Axiom #3:

Electrically neutral atoms will not experience a force effect in a non-diverging electrogravity field.

Ordinary (non-ionized) atoms will not experience a force effect in an EG field that is non-diverging.   This is due to the equal push and pulls from the positive and negative charge of the atoms.

A small charge separation might take place in the test atom – in this type of electrogravity field, but since the atom is submerged in a non-divergent EG field the force will be equal on both the positive and negative charge center.


Electrogravity Axiom #4:

On the ElectroMagnetic Nature of GravityThe force that we know as gravity is simply a pseudo-force, produced by the special non-shieldable dielectric effect which is produced by the relativistic motions of orbital electrons of ordinary matter.

If the EG field is divergent, then normal (non-ionized) atoms, found in all matter, will experience a non-shieldable force effect due to the minute charge separation that will occur and the resulting “dielectric” force effect producing a non-equal push-pull effect on the separated charges.

Please note this special “dielectric effect” is not the same as the normal dielectric effect experienced with materials that are located between two electric potentials.



This “dielectric effect” from EG fields is unique in that it applies to metals and all matter alike, as well as ordinary dielectric materials.  This effect is due to the non-shieldable nature of the EG field.  Planet  Earth has a large EG field due to the many atoms on the planet itself.

Preliminary calculations  – based on the measured weight of hydrogen atoms at the surface of the Earth – estimate this EG-field to be 12500 Volt/meter.  This field produces a polarization of the atmosphere and tends to draw negatively charged particles down to the surface.  It may explain Earth lightning  – as well as lightning sprites (which strike out from the top of the atmosphere), which is not yet fully understood.

It is important to remember, that a constant magnitude EG fields – which is non-shieldable – cannot be measured directly, as a voltage potential between two points in space, with either current based or electrostatic type voltmeters.  This may explain the elusive property of the electrogravity field – other than the normal force on a “falling apple”.

The author believes there are ways with ordinary electromagnetics to unpolarize the atoms in an EG fields and render the unique EG-dielectric force ineffective and produce an object without weight – although it will of course still have mass.  See more on the how to generate artificial gravity and read the author’s comments on the mysterious Tampere experiment.

Original Article:

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