Ice Tsunami Prompts Evacuations Along Lake Erie

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — High winds continue to cause chaos across the East coast, and residents near Lake Erie are dealing with another problem caused by the winds, an ice tsunami.

Huge chunks of ice are being pushed off of the Niagara River, and onto lakeshore areas.

Incredible video posted to social media by the Niagara Parks Police Service shows the ice stacked up along Niagara River Parkway, and falling onto the roadway.

That road was forced to close in some sections for drivers’ safety.

Strong winds blowing ice over the retaining wall from the lake,” police said. “Drive with caution.”

The National Weather Service in Buffalo posted warnings that wind speeds could reach up to 75 mph and cause extensive damage to trees and power lines.

“This is a particularly dangerous situation! If you must travel be prepared for extensive damage and downed power lines,” they said.

Wind gusts of 74 mph – hurricane strength – were reported in Niagara Falls, New York

Residents in Hoover Beach, New York were asked to voluntarily evacuate due to the ice tsunami.

“For the general public, we are asking you to stay out of Hoover Beach,” police said

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