Seismic Blasts, Explosions, Loud Booms? What Is This Phenomena That Has Residents Of Atlanta, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Harahan & River Ridge On Edge

The mysterious booms and underground explosions are picking up again in the USA. Last cases: Atlanta, Brooklyn and two cities in Louisiana.

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Mysterious loud booms in February 2019 in the USA

Atlanta, Georgia

Authorities are investigating an underground electrical explosion in midtown Atlanta that blew manhole covers into the air Wednesday morning at 8:04 a.m. ET.

10 large explosions came from a manhole cover and a grate. Once those explosions happened, it tripped a large transformer breaker system a few blocks from the area. That cut the power that was going to the transformers, which put the fire out and caused the explosions to stop, Stafford said.

The 10 very large explosions resulted from an electrical fire.

Los Angeles, California

Brooklyn, New York

Around 11:30 p.m. last night, Park Slope, Brooklyn denizens reported hearing a seismic boom, accompanied by a mysterious flash in the sky, heard even as far away as Clinton Hill.

It’s currently unclear what caused the sound, but no explosion-related injuries were reported in the area. Officials don’t have information about a possible explosion, as well as what might have caused it.

Some residents are suggesting that the event could have been caused by a manhole explosion, a phenomenon that tends to see an uptick around this time of year.

Harahan and River Ridge, Louisiana

Something mysterious is going on in Harahan and River Ridge. People there say they’ve heard strange cannon-like sounds, and they have no idea what’s causing them.

Sometimes it wakes up my kids,” said Roddy. “It’s usually between 8:30 and 10pm. All of a sudden it sounds like a boom, like something is dropping and something big landed on the ground.

They sound like thunder sometimes, but sometimes they sould like fireworks, then other times it’s hard to distinguish if it’s a firework or a gunshot,” said Carol.

People who’ve heard these loud ‘booms’ say they’re happening more often. It’s also happening in other parts of town, like in Lakeview. In 2017 though, some in Mid-City told us they experienced something similar.

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