Millions Of Fish Are Washing Ashore In Panama

There are millions of fish currently dying in the waters of Amador and other coastal cities on the Bay of Panama. Officials say it’s related to the hot water temperatures favorising a huge red tide along the coast… Others say it may be linked to pollution… Horrible!

Some of the fish are struggling to survive on the surface of the water but much more have already drowned to death.

Officials say this mass die-off is caused by the extremely hot water temperature and a resulting red tide.

Residents however are baffled, horrified and think this mysterious phenomenon is due to pollution. tide is a common name for algal blooms. The upwelling of nutrients from the sea floor, often following massive storms, provides for the algae and triggers bloom events. The growth and persistence of an algal bloom depends on wind direction and strength, temperature, nutrients, and salinity.

Millions of fish die in Amador along the Bay of Panama, fish death panama amador january 2019
Millions of fish die in Amador along the Bay of Panama. via video

The most conspicuous effects of red tides are the associated wildlife mortalities and harmful human exposure. The production of natural toxins such as brevetoxins and ichthyotoxins are harmful to marine life. bit of both? Pollution and red tide responsible for the death of millions of fish in around Amador in the Bay of Panama!

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