Eruptions Of Kuchinoerabujima, Planchón-Peteroa, Merapi, With New Hydrothermal Mud Vents In Guatemala And Mayonette: Global Volcanic Activity

Here a compilation of the latest eruptions and seismic unrests around the world.

Kuchinoerabujima volcano, Japan

An explosive eruption occurred at about 9:19 am on January 17, 2019 at Kuchinoerabujima, in the Ryuku volcanic arc in southern Japan.

Kuchinoerabujima eruption, Kuchinoerabujima eruption january 17 2019
Eruption of Kuchinoerabujima volcano – 17.01.2019. Picture by Oki Sakura / FB via Shérine France

The strong eruption ejected a plume of ash more than 6,000 meters in the air and produced pyroclastic flows hurtling 1,500 meters down the flancs of the volcano.

Following the eruption, a thick plume of gas and vapor was observed.

kuchunoerabujima volcano eruption january 17 2019, kuchunoerabujima volcano eruption january 17 2019pictures, kuchunoerabujima volcano eruption january 17 2019 video
Kuchunoerabujima eruption (eruptive plume and pyroclastic flow) in Japan on January 17, 2019. Picture by JMA webcam

Sources: JMA, NHK, Shérine France

Planchón-Peteroa,  Argentina – Chile border

PlanchónPeteroa is a complex volcano extending in a north-south direction along the border between Argentina and Chile. On January 15, 2019 at 20h56 local time it exploded sending a greyish ash plume at about 600 meters above the summit.

According to volcanologists, a new eruptive cycle of phreatomatic characteristics develops, following the possible contact of a magmatic body with a part of the hydrothermal system.

Planchon Peteroa - 15.01.2019, respectively at 08h and 15h - webcam ICES - CNEA

This would facilitate the fragmentation of a minor volume of magma and the expansion of steam and the emission of ashes.

Source: Sernageomin

New mud volcano in Guatemala

The Insivumeh / Guatemala is conducting a geothermal study of the newly formed mud volcano on the shore of Laguna de Ixpaco, municipality of Pueblo Nuevo Viñas / Santa Rosa.

new mud volcano guatemala, Crater of a new mud volcano appears in Guatemala
Crater of a new mud volcano appears in Guatemala. Picture by
picture Conred

For now, it is too fast to speak about the formation of a new volcano.

Ixpaco lagoon is situated at the base of the dormant Tecuamburro volcano, a volcanic depression connected to an underground river, which is greenish-yellow in color BUT can turn white due to the high sulfur content.

Sources: Insivumeh & Conred

Merapi eruption and collapse in Indonesia

At Merapi / Java, the PVMBG reports for January 16, 2019 a total of 33 collapse earthquakes, a blast earthquake, and a distant tectonic earthquake.

merapi eruption january 2019
Collapse of blocks and incandescence of the Merapi dome on January 15, 2019. Picture by Magma Indonesia

The video shows lahars resulting from rain on January 17, 2019:

Source: PVMBG

Mayotte Seismic unrest: Deep-sea fish dying, water bubbling, sulfur smell

A large number of dead fish emerged at various sites off the barrier reef just east/southeast of Mayotte just WHERE AN INTENSE EARTHQUAKE SWARM HAS STARTED IN MAY 2018 AND IS STILL ONGOING. The fish kill is accompanied by reports of strong smell of gas, burning rubber, plastic or sulfur.

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