Confounding The Truth: China Aims To Create ‘Artificial Meteor Shower’ – Why On Earth Would You Need Or Want To Do This?

The world's first artificial meteor shower is set to fly over Japan to

The world is filled with strange and wonderful things, both real and soon you will be able to add to that list an artificial meteor shower set to launch over Japan.

The artificial meteor shower is the creation of the Tokyo-based firm Astro Live Experiences (ALE), the BBC first reported. The company, led by CEO and founder Lena Okajima, works in what it calls the “space entertainment” sector. The artificial meteor shower works similarly to real ones–pellets burn up in the atmosphere, putting on a light show. ALE’s tech makes the most of the disintegration routine by releasing centimeter-sized pellets that dissolve into bright colors as they heat up and break down in the atmosphere. ALE claims their version is an improvement over natural meteor showers as it lasts longer and is brighter, so it can be seen even with city lights polluting the dark sky.

ALE has spent seven years perfecting its artificial meteor-making device, and it is ready for liftoff. It will hitch a ride on the Japanese space agency’s Epsilon Rocket, as part of a program that gives students and space businesses the chance to test experiments, projects, and products in space. ALE’s satellite will test out the feasibility of its artificial meteor concept.

The rocket is due to launch at 9:50 a.m. Japan time on Thursday (7:50 p.m. Wednesday EST). ALE, however, says the first shower wouldn’t happen until spring 2020.

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