World Council Of Churches Joins EU And UN To Boycott Israel

In his book Religion in Life, John Foster Dulles (later secretary of state for President Dwight Eisenhower) called for the “abolition of the entire concept of national sovereignty and the unification of the world into a single nation. All boundary levels are thus automatically leveled.”

Dulles, a founder of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) after World War I, was a leader of the notoriously left-wing Federal Council of Churches, now the National Council of Churches, the American branch of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

Apparently, the WCC remains a strong advocate of multinational organizations, as it is receiving support from the United Nations, according to The Jerusalem Post in an article published Monday, to promote a boycott of Israel. WCC receives funding from several Western governments and the European Union (EU).

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (also known as BDS) is a global campaign promoting various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets what the campaign describes as Israel’s obligations under international law. These obligations are defined as withdrawal from the “occupied” territories, and removal of the separation barrier in the West Bank (the success of which should provide evidentiary information for Trump’s desire for a wall or “separation barrier” on our own border). The campaign is organized and coordinated by the Palestinian BDS National Committee, and supported by WCC through its Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

The EAPPI of WCC has sent 1,800 activists to the West Bank and Jerusalem in the past 15 years for the stated goal of “monitoring and reporting human rights abuses.” The EAPPI refers to the Israeli presence as an “occupation.”

While the WCC claims its goal is Christian unity, representing around 500 million Christians around the world, it said Christians who support the right of the nation of Israel to exist are guilty of “heresy.” At a WCC event in 2015, modern Israelis were said to have no connection to the ancient Israelites in the Bible, and Israeli society was accused of being “full of racism and light skin privilege,” even comparing Israel to apartheid-era South Africa. In a 2016 presentation in London, EAPPI activist Hannah Griffiths blamed what she called the “Jewish lobby” for persuading many American Christian evangelicals to support Israel.

South African EAPPI activist Itani Rasalanavho said, “The time has come to say that the victims of the Holocaust have now become the perpetrators.”

This comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany is not unique, nor is it just done by low-ranking members of WCC. WCC General Secretary Dr. Olav Fyske Tveit has said, “I heard about the occupation of my country during the five years of World War II as the story of my parents. Now I see and hear the stories of 50 years of occupation.”

Exactly why leftists have such animosity toward Israel is not clear. At one time, Israel enjoyed quite a bit of support from the international Left. Perhaps it is the growing secularization of progressives and radicals, around the world, and they do not like anyone who puts their families or their religion above the State. Dividing people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds has long been a tactic of the Left, and Jewish people have certainly provided division in societies, whether they are at fault for that or not.

Unfortunately, this type of tactic has divided Christians and Jews, Jews and Muslims, men and women, old and young, and so on. Instead of focusing on uniting people, the Left gets people to hate Jews or Muslims, or some other group to allow the expansion of government on a global scale.

As witnessed by the words of John Foster Dulles, the leadership of the WCC has long been devoted to the idea of a global government. Because of its radical reputation, most Christian churches are not aligned with the WCC. This probably explains why globalists have seen the need to begin to infiltrate denominations and congregations with more conservative reputations, getting supposedly “conservative” preachers to openly support open borders, increased global restrictions on the economy to “combat global warming,” and other liberal causes. Some of these ministers with conservative reputations have even joined the globalist Council on Foreign Relations.

One has to wonder why a minister of the gospel would even join an organization that desires world government, but it is clearly evident why the CFR would recruit a preacher with a conservative reputation. After all, the village atheist is not going to attract many conservative Protestants or conservative Catholics.

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