New Mexico Aims To Pass Euthanasia Bill, Expanding Limits Dramatically

euthanasia 1

New Mexico residents are likely alarmed over a doctor-assisted suicide bill.

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Executive Director Alex Schadenberg – an international expert on euthanasia – anticipates shock over House Bill 90 because he sees it as the most dangerous and expansive euthanasia measure he has every seen.

Schadenberg told OneNewsNow that the bill is almost an “anything goes” piece of legislation.

“The bill expands who can do it,” the pro-life activist informed. “It allows nurses, and it allows physicians’ assistants to do it. It allows it for mental health reasons.”

He divulged more about the bill.

“Here, it says if you have mental health issues, so long as a psychiatrist or psychologist or social worker signs off you’re good to go,” Schadenberg continued.

Another section of the bill could result in making assisted suicide available for people – regardless of the state they live in.

“It allows it by telemedicine, meaning that if you contact the euthanasia doctor by phone and discuss it with them, they can sign you off and prescribe it to you,” Schadenberg explained. It eliminates the six-month general diagnosis, so it uses this definition, which is totally undefined for terminal illness that you are terminally ill in your foreseeable future.”

House Bill 90 also protects anyone involved in the act with legal protection, eliminates conscience protections for medical professionals and it has no residency requirement – meaning anyone from the 50 states could travel to New Mexico and obtain assisted suicide … making it a euthanasia tourism destination for everyone.

Schadenberg added that the proposal is so expansive, that a person could drive a hearse through it.

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