50 Cows Fall Over Dead In India

At least 50 cows were mysteriously found dead near Landaduali village under Aska block in Ganjam District on Thursday, triggering panic among locals.

cattle death india, 50 Cows Mysteriously Found Dead In coastal India
50 Cows Mysteriously Found Dead In coastal India. Some asphyxiating gases?

According to first reports, five cowmen of the village were looking after hundreds of grazing cows in the morning, when all of a sudden, their behavior changed and about 50 unexpectedly and instantly drop dead.

Farmers and concerned residents rushed to the area to find out the origin of this mysterious mass death.

Meanwhile, officials are trying to find the cause of this strange cattle death.

Two days ago, many different birds were seen falling dead from the sky in Australia.

Original Article:http://strangesounds.org/2018/12/at-least-50-cows-suddenly-drop-dead-in-coastal-india.html

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