The Incredibly High Cost Of Globalist Migration For The American People

The American people have been told since George Bush that immigrants were coming here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do. We have been told about how much they contribute to the economy in taxes. This is done to change the discussion about the actual numbers and impact on the economy that immigrants have cost the country and the taxpayers. Legal and illegal immigrants have placed a burden on the taxpayers of this country that has become burdensome.

Of course, in today’s politically correct world, to claim that immigrants claim more benefits than they give in to the system is considered racist. Immigrants are to be coddled, their every wish granted, and they should be made welcome whether they are contributing to the system or not. Illegal, in the normal definition of the word has been replaced with “undocumented”. Does this mean they are welcome here, they just have to wait for the paperwork to catch up?

A report from the Center for Immigration Reform states that 51% of immigrant households (legal or illegal) use at least one welfare program, while 35% of American households use at least one benefit. And the length of time they are here is not a determining factor. Long-term immigrants to our country use just as many benefits as short-term immigrants.


The immigrants in the country now were not even recognized as a burden by the previous administration. If Democrats have their way, immigrants would be eligible for Social Security which many have not paid into, Medicare and Medicaid, unemployment insurance, Assistance for Needy Families, public education and the expansion of all public services will be made available. Welfare benefits alone total over $900 billion per year and the cost of public education averages $12,000 per student. Households paying taxes in the higher middle class total an average of 55,000 in taxes while receiving in the areas listed above received about $25,000 in benefits. The excess taxes are what is used to provide benefits to the tax consumers, immigrants with an average 10th-grade education.

Even the legal immigrant population receives more benefits than native households. The average immigrant household averages $25,000 in benefits while paying $10,300 in taxes when taxes are paid. A recent study puts the cost of illegal aliens at $70.000 per year per immigrant.

As of now, and according to federal law, immigrants are not eligible for Obamacare or means-tested welfare. Even now, there are attempts on both the State and Federal level to make illegal immigrants eligible for both, as well as a push for citizenship, with appropriate federal and State shortcuts to enable them to become citizens and able to vote. All of this is already the law in California. This will give the progressives a voting bloc that will reliably vote Democrat. They will not vote Republican if they fear it will cut off the benefits they should not be eligible for in the first place.

And how much are these benefits in the overall government budget? By government estimates, the annual deficit for immigration household was $54 billion in 2015 and is more than double that now. After the thirteen-year transition phase making immigrants eligible for Obamacare and full welfare benefits, the total would reach $176 billion. With the full amnesty that the progressives are trying to push through Congress, the average illegal immigrant will receive over $59,000 more in government benefits that he would pay in taxes. As of now, it is estimated that 45% of all illegal immigrants work “off the books” and thus pay no taxes, This estimate is considered low by the IRS, who has changed how illegal taxpayers are counted. When all the numbers are considered it comes down to the fact that immigrants, both legal and illegal receive $2.49 in benefits for every $1.00 in taxes paid.

For the past few weeks, there has been a discussion of “birthright citizenship”, with Donald Trump saying that the 14th Amendment does not apply to illegals. This birthright citizenship is being pushed by both Liberals and some Republicans, even though it has been shown that birthright citizenship does not validate giving citizenship to illegals. The Fourteenth Amendment does not compel our country to give citizenship to anyone born here. Pundits in support of giving illegals this birthright citizenship declare “ of course, everyone knows that anyone born here is a US citizen. What they fail to acknowledge is the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. In the original meaning of this clause, supported by the Supreme Court in decisions up this point and as espoused by Senator Lyman Trumbull at the original writing of the clause, specified that the clause focus was not on citizens of another country but to blacks who were brought here as slaves.

One source who has spent a great deal of time on this matter, Professor Lino Garglia wrote in the Texas Law Review that the 39th Congress voted for the 13th Amendment in 1865, and in 1866 passed the first Civil Rights Act letter to become the 14th Amendment and that the original language of the Civil Right Act of 1866, explicitly excluded citizens of foreign countries. The language of the “Citizenship Clause” which was derived from the original Civil Right Act also stated that citizenship would be given only to “those not subject to any foreign power”. One of the original framers of the 14th Amendment Senator Jacob Howard wrote “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, of families of Ambassadors or foreign ministers.”

Professor Peter Schuck, a chair at the Yale Law School and Professor Roger Smith who holds the political science chair at the University of Pennsylvania have also written on birthright citizenship, stating “the framers of the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment had no intention a universal role of birthright citizenship.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1884, in the Wilkins,case that the intent of the 14th Amendment was to grant equal rights to freed black slaves and that the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” required that the petitioner for citizenship be completely subject to the political jurisdiction, and owing their “direct and immediate allegiance” to the country, something that is not possible for illegal aliens. This would lead to the usurpation of the sovereignty and social construct of the United States. Both the economic impact on our country, and the damage being done to the Constitutional laws of the land are something this country can not afford. The administrations in power have ignored the laws that our country is based on long enough. There must be an end to the intentional misinterpretation to our laws for the benefit of one political party. Even Harry Reid in 1993 stated “no sane country would grant citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants solely because they were born on American soil.

Of course, Reid changed his mind once the progressives gave them the benefits to keep them in the Democrat side of the aisle.

There are other learned scholars who have writing in the same vein of thinking. Of course, the mainstream media and the chattering pundits will not allow them to talk to the American people, to show the expertise that is available to have a discussion that would let the American people decide after hearing both sides.

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