Einstein’s Theory Of Singularity Could Be Incorrect, New Research Posits That Black Holes Are Worm Holes To The Future

Loop Quantum Gravity

According to the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, a singularity lies in the center of a black hole.

A singularity consists of matter crushed into a size with a volume of zero. For those of you who don’t know, black holes are a mystery to scientists and consist of locations in space that severely warp space and time to the point where light cannot escape out of them.

Recently, scientists Abhay Ashtekar and Javier Olmedo have questioned this assumption by Einstein.

Thinking that Einstein was wrong regarding this assumption of a singularity is not necessarily new. If an object has no mass, then its density is infinite. This simply means it does not exist in nature as we can measure it. In other words, a new theory and new math are required.

Ashtekar and Olmedo explain that Einstein’s assumption of a singularity at the center of black holes based on the theory of relativity is flawed. This is because a new theory must come into play at the very center of the black hole. They make the comparison to Newton’s Law of Gravity in that as you bring an object closer to the center of Earth, Newton’s law no longer can be applied because you have to take into account the distribution of the mass of Earth.

One proposal for what goes on in the center of black holes is known as loop quantum gravity.

Loop Quantum gravity is useful here because it consists of a bunch of spin networks that change over time. Typically not applied to black holes, Ashtekar and Olmedo have applied it to the center of black holes and claim that the results of their equations do not consist of a singularity.

Instead, the calculations result in space-time being curved significantly near the center of a black hole. The implication is that space-time continues into a region that may be a white hole. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole in that it shoots matter out of itself instead of drawing matter in.

Another way to word what Ashtekar and Olmedo are predicting is that time is moving extremely slow at the center of a black hole. Instead of stopping, however, eventually matter is being shot out through the cosmos via a white hole.

In other words, matter going into a black hole may be traveling out into the future.

Original Article:https://www.disclose.tv/matter-sucked-in-by-a-black-hole-will-be-spit-back-out-in-the-future-355814

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