Mysterious Lights In Sky AFTER Delta IV Rocket Cancelled.. So What Was It?

Mysterious light appears in the sky after rocket launch at ...

10p.m. Update: The National Weather Service Bay Area is calling this a Noctilucent cloud, a cloud that can be formed from a meteor or space debris entering the upper atmosphere.

The mysterious light created a lot of buzz around Northern California Wednesday.

Read more about the mysterious light here.

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A bright light lit up the sky across Northern California Wednesday night leaving many questioning what they saw moving through the sky.

The scheduled 5:44 p.m. launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket in Southern California was scrubbed, or canceled, leaving many wondering what was in the sky.

CBS13 viewers said the light remained in the sky for several minutes.

There were three rocket launches scheduled for Wednesday but all of those launches were scheduled to launch outside of California.

A representative from Vandenberg Air Force Base had no information about the sight in the sky. Travis Air Force Base also did not have information on the light, but the National Weather Service believed it may have been a meteor.

There has not been an official confirmation of what caused the light, but multiple National Weather Service accounts have speculated that it was from a meteor or meteorite.

The National Weather Service in Reno said the light appeared to be a meteor or space debris entering the upper atmosphere.

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