Belgians March Against UN Migrations Pact Signing

Another week, another European capital experiencing violent protests. On Sunday in Brussels, Belgium, citizens voiced their displeasure at the signing of a UN migration pact, which many believe will trigger more mass migration into Europe.

Approximately 5,500 marched against the signing of the pact. The march took place near several European Union offices, as Brussels is the hub of much of the EU’s bureaucracies. Reportedly, a group of protesters attempted to storm the European Commission building, breaking some windows with rocks. Police deployed water cannons and tear gas to break up the crowd as clashes between the police and protesters broke out. Approximately 90 people were detained.

The march against the immigration pact dwarfed a smaller gathering, in favor of the pact, by left-wing groups and non-governmental organizations in the city center.

Last week, the largest member of the Belgian ruling coalition, the “right-wing” N-VA (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, or New Flemish Alliance), left the government in protest to the signing of the pact by Prime Minister Charles Michel. The N-VA’s exit forced Michel to reshuffle the government since the N-VA supplied the majority to the ruling coalition. The country is now governed by a tenuous minority government. New national elections are scheduled in May, and the new minority government is meant only to provide continuity until then.

“I think that, formally speaking, we are stepping down,” said Interior Minister Jan Jambon of the N-VA. “We said that if the coalition goes to Marrakech (Morocco), it will be without us.”

On King Phillipe’s ok, Michel replaced Jambon and other N-VA ministers with members of the minority liberal party.

Protesters were enraged by the lack of public input prior to signing the new immigration deal.

“It’s been approved, apparently,” said Bart Claes, the president of the youth wing of the Flemish nationalist party. “But the opinion of the people was never asked. That’s strange for something that goes this far.”

“We think the decision was not made in a democratic way, with a minority in government and a minority of the Belgian people,” said Dries Van Langenhove of the nationalist youth group Schild en Vrienden (Shield and Friends). “That’s what we are protesting against.”

Entitled the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the pact, like the 2015 Paris Accord on climate change, is non-binding and meant to be a primer on how countries should handle large refugee situations such as the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis. The pact claims it seeks an international approach to migration that “reaffirms the sovereign rights of states to determine their national migration policy.”

So sovereign states can determine their own migration policy as long as it meets the UN’s standards, then? Ok, got it.

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In July, 193 nations — not including the United States — informally signed on to the pact. The formal signing took place last week in Marrakech, Morocco. Only 164 nations signed the formal pact, with the United States, Australia, Austria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Chile, Dominican Republic, Poland, and Slovakia sitting out the summit and refusing to sign the accord.

The following nations are still undecided on the migration pact: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

The UN’s agenda is becoming increasingly aggressive in scope and scale as it attempts to assume responsibility and oversight for a new and more globalist world. The new migration compact admits that one of its goals is to “Promote the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” which is the current UN plan for globalization under the auspices of the UN. But now, nationalists in many countries are beginning to fight back against those globalist machinations. Back in June, Hungary made it illegal to assist asylum seekers with its “Stop Soros law”. Globalist NGO Doctors Without Borders was recently forced to suspend migrant “rescue” operations in the Mediterranean Sea due to clashes with Italy and other European states over the group’s practice of “rescuing” migrants at sea and delivering them to European ports. Everyday French citizens are rising up against unfair taxes on fossil fuels enacted to fight globalist bogeyman climate change.

Despite globalist attempts to make nationalism a dirty word, the citizens of sovereign nations are finally getting sick and tired of the UN meddling in their affairs. The people of Europe are rising up against the power elites. And it’s about time.

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