ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ Celebrates 11 Year Old Drag Queen

ABC’s Good Morning America recently introduced their audience to Desmond Napoles, an 11 year old child-drag queen also known as, “Desmond is Amazing.”

Since it was uploaded, the video, posted on GMA’s official YouTube page, has gathered more than 5-thousand “dislikes” in contrast to just over 200 “likes.”

“Everyone involved in this should be put in jail,” the most popular comment under the video reads. “Everyone, please report this video as child abuse,” another individual commented.

Earlier this year, HuffPost ran a similar segment featuring the then 10 year old. Professor Jordan Peterson responded to the video saying, “If you don’t see that this child is being exploited then ideology has possessed you to the core.”

“In what moral universe is it acceptable to encourage a 10 year old boy to dress like an adult male mimicking a sexualized adult female, use that as a ticket to fame and then claim it as virtue?” Peterson said.

Watch the video below:


Original Article:

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