Jim Carrey Says ‘Hollywood Elites Eat Whole Babies For Christmas’ -‘The More They Suffer-The Better They Taste’

Hollywood elites "eat whole babies for Christmas" according to Jim Carrey, who warns parents to watch their children at this time of year.

Hollywood elites “eat whole babies for Christmas” according to Jim Carrey, who warns “dark forces” are “engaged in a battle for America’s soul“, and the outcome of this battle will have “long-lasting consequences for the entire world.

These kids are fattened up for the Christmas table like geese and turkeys, except the animals don’t go through the ritual abuse, the psychological torment that these kids are forced to suffer.

These people believe the more the child has suffered, the better it tastes. They believe the negative emotions coursing through the kid’s body, the adrenaline and hatred, will give them special powers. It’s a Hollywood thing influenced by old school Satanism.

Speaking at a post-screening Q&A for documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond in New York, Carrey said that Christmas and New Year are a time of year he dreads, because of the “dark energy pulsating around Tinsel Town” and his knowledge of “what goes on behind the closed doors of the elite at this time of year.

Luciferians in Hollywood turn Christmas into the darkest festival of the year,” Carrey said, before explaining “there is a reason why people around the world feel a heaviness at this time of year.

Institutional oppression and Satanism hang in the air while we are all forced to wear smiles and ignore the gut feeling that all is not well.”

Ever notice how all the homeless children you see throughout the year begin to dissapear at Xmas? You think it’s because they’ve found a home, found shelter, found love and warmth?

Christmas time is Satanic slaughter time. They are determined to pervert the most beautiful time of the year into a festival of suffering and blood.”’

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond charts Jim Carrey’s evolution into cult comedian Andy Kaufman for 1999 film Man on the Moon, a performance which saw Carrey maintain the Kaufman’s oddball identity for the duration of the shoot. However in New York on Friday, Carrey warned of the seriousness of his allegations against Hollywood elite.

The entertainment industry is the PR and brainwashing branch of the New World Order, the globalist empire of Lucifarianism,” Carrey said, warning. “There will be a strong push to normalize Satanism in 2018. Good old-fashioned devil worshipping.”

Original Article:https://newspunch.com/jim-carrey-hollywood-babies-christmas/

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  1. The sad part about this is many fools will believe this nonsense because none wants to do there homework on the subject of lucifernism or satanism. The New world order Pat Robertson style and far right conspiracy theory on Illuminati conspiracy. There is no proof of any of this!


    1. Fiona Barnett would say otherwise. She is a satanic ritual abuse survivor! Hell is real. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes for all the tea in China. Tiffany FitzHenry is a Hollywood screenwriter, journalist & has a website & speaks on YouTube. Liz Crokin also speaks out about this. The truth will prevail, as hard as it is for some to accept.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ritualised abuse, cannabalism and paedophilia apologists like you always slither out from under your dirty rocks to either debunk and/or defend the scumbags you look up to and the evil they perpetrate. The only fool here is you, and I’m being extremely polite

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Oh ok. Just bc you said it isn’t true we must believe you. Got it! 🙄 Please! If you don’t think this is actually happening you’re a fool. Good luck in life!


      1. And why do you think this wouldnt happen? Do you have evidence suppprting your non belief? I think a former celebrity would notice far more than a normal person like you and i. Lmao


    4. u’re just plain ignorant. he is in the entertainment industry. many others have said similar things. this thing is widespread on youtube, yet u are still in the dark


    5. I never did ”my homework” until pizza gate and following Q post. Thanks to my due diligence I came to the opinion that we are fighting a battle of good vs. evil


      1. Pure stupidity if you dont already know these things really happened.. Look at the reagular visible shit.. Beheadings and canabalism ..lusiferianism and satan influence all over the internet and netflix…our kids are taking this shit in people .. Bastards


    6. Of course there is no proof of this, do you think they advertise? Its against the law and they would all get the death penalty. That has to be the dumbest excuse Ive ever heard.


      1. If this is true we the people must act because the elite are the ones who run shit nothing will change this bitching means jack shit get out there and put ourselves in the line maybe it might change otherwise shut up!!!!


    7. Dylan, why are you trying to explain something that you know nothing about?
      Jim Carey is the High Priest of the Satanist Cult of Hollywood. It’s his Job to be as weird as they get, and show total Confidence while doing it.


    8. When you dig deep down that rabbit hole there you shall find how wicked the beast system is. I believe the ‘elites’ aka ‘the powers who should’ve never been’ choice of drug is ADRENOCHROME. You should research that before yappin about what is nonsense. Real eyes realize real lies. Remember The Most High allowed the enemy to dupe us into believing he never existed. This life we currently reside in is a spiritual warfare. It’s time come up out of your deep slumber. Shalawam


    9. Of course not, because if you talk about it they get rid of you with your dumbass. You do your research from when the freemasonry was formed back in May 1776 until now smh…


    10. Oh kick rocks dude. Anytime ANYBODY comes out with any negative to sound about the elite you losers come out in droves to defend them. Let them defend themselves. Are you in the inner circles? If not, then you probably shouldn’t try to debate with someone who actually is


  2. If you were a true Satanist and followed the literature set by Anton LaVey..there is no sacrifice in Satanism. Children are the purest expression of the primal force of nature and not to be harmed. Satan is an archtype of rebellion and is the opposer in literature and seen as a force in nature and within the human who is of nature. To be a Satanist is to be you own God. Real or not this sacrificial non sense is dubbed inverse christianity in the ‘real’ Satanism culture. Whether this is true or not is not a real representation of Satanism as defined by the Church of Satan since 1966.


    1. So…what’s up with demonic possession? I’m sure satanism IS about becoming your own god when an ancient has high jacked your body…the catholic church has had exorcists for CENTURIES on their roster…I’m pretty sure it’s not just for looks or party points…Lucifer I’d dubbed THE FATHER OF LIES FOR A REASON…and yall eat his lies like a bowl if fuggin rice krispies everyday… its HILARIOUS


    2. and just like anything else it will be twisted and perverted. Either way, it is a death sentence, an eternity in Hell. You don’t want to believe that, it doesn’t make it any less true.


    3. Wow. Church of satan since 66. I’d have thought it was much older. Really? The church of satan only goes back 53 years? Wow. I’d have thought it was much older


    4. There are too many accounts of child abuse and children found with organs missing to dismiss these claims. I’ve watched from afar as child actors develop addictions and or commit suicide. THERES A DEAD CAT ON THE LINE SOMEWHERE, meaning “something smells to High Heaven.”


  3. Fear,fear,and more fear coupled with sensationalism and extreme fear and helplessness! Is there evil lurking in Hollywood? Yes and there is evil lurking in churches synagogues,mosques,political parties,corporations and everywhere you look! Because Satan is not a person or entity Satan is the ego and selfish desire! If you look at Hollywood and entertainment industry you will see mass amounts of ego. Know if black magic occultism is being practiced I have no idea on that but the left hand path leads to demonism and he’ll relms karma exists and everything anyone does comes with a cost universal justice exists remember that!


  4. They’re doing it on Christmas to mock God. In order to fight this, you have to find Jesus Christ and accept him as the truth and salvation. Fear no darkness with him as an ally


  5. First of all, obviously he never said this.
    But your not wrong.
    Second of all, there is a difference between Satanism and luciferianism. Also, there are like 20 different meanings behind the word lucifer and different kinds of people who interpret it differently. Freemasonry is NOT Satanism.
    It’s not even an evil thing. Yes, it’s been taken over imo. But 99% of masons are oblivious and pretty standard white dudes (for most part)
    Conspiracy theorists are right about dark occult influence in everything. But they are so flawed in their monolithic mass paintbrushing as everyone and anyone is in on the conspiracy because “omg esoteric symbol.”
    Understand the elite don’t want you to know about or access true alchemy, illumination, or gnosis. So to them, the fact that you demonize such practices is convenient. Dark occultism and Satanism is a whole other thing.


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