False Flag? Ukraine Martial Law NOT Because Of Russia, But Political Meddling?

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s decision to impose Martial Law has more to do with British meddling than tales of angry Russian troops ready to storm Ukraine’s borders, said a Ministry of Defense official who claims the MI6 cooked up and spoon-fed a half-baked plot to western media and governments.

On Monday, the Ukrainian government imposed Martial Law in 10 of its 25 provinces, ostensibly in response to Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian naval ships near the Kerch Strait between the Russian mainland and the contested Crimean Peninsula and rumors of Russian tanks, troops, and artillery massing at the border.

Our source does not deny these events happened. He said Russia attacked and captured the vessels the because they were attempting to smuggle arms and drugs from Ukraine’s Western Naval Base on the Black Sea to a remote Russian port forty kilometers northwest of Sevastopol. Furthermore, he admitted Russia has strengthened its southern border with additional military hardware and troops. But not to launch a preemptive strike on Ukrainian sovereignty.

“The British government, and specifically the MI6, have taken the facts and concocted them into a story to promote this anti-Russian hysteria. The British are the main perpetrators of hatred toward Russia, and they spread this around to other western governments. We reinforced our border for the same reason President Trump deployed Troops to the U.S. Mexico border—to protect our borders from advancing migrants!” our source said.

10 Downing Street, he argued, is familiar with the facts surrounding the shipping incident and the border mobilization, but chose fear over truth. Rather than publically acknowledge Russia’s woeful immigration crisis, which has seen millions of destitute Ukrainians flood Russia’s border, the British convinced Poroshenko that Russia planned to invade the Ukraine by year’s end. On November 12, an MI6 agent named Singen Smythe presented doctored satellite images to the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers. The blurred photographs showed what appeared to be scores of Russian tanks forming a skirmish line from Plekova to Vzazovoye. The images, however, failed to identify the nomenclature of Russia’s fighting forces.

The majority of tanks, our source said, are Cold War-era T-62s, supplemented with antiquated BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

“These old units are good for deterring migrants but not for launching an invasion,” our source said. “But this British spy sold a fantasy to Poroshenko, Theresa May tricked him into declaring Martial Law in in advance of a non-existent invasion. If it worked in Ukraine, it might also work in Britain and the United Sates. That is how they think,” our source said.

Moreover, he said May has emboldened Poroshenko’s resolve by repeatedly congratulating him for taking a hardline stance against Russian aggression.

“These people are sinister. Sinister and evil. May is trying to convince Poroshenko to institute permanent Martial Law; not just for thirty days. In addition, she’s trying to provoke him to sending troops across the border to engage Russian forces. This is one massive false flag, our source said.

In closing, and without politicizing, reckless mainstream media reports—even when supported by the U.S. Government—must be scrutinized for accuracy. The majority of us do not live on Russia-Ukraine border, and we must therefore question what we’re being told. If a false flag event compels one nation to declare Martial Law, it can happen anywhere. The United States is not immune.

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