Transhuman: Man Has Bluetooth Compass Implanted In His Chest- Can Now ‘Feel’ North

It’s the latest trend in tech that sees people implanting chips under their skin.

Now, one ‘biohacker’ has taken things further, implanting a Bluetooth compass into his chest.

Liviu Babitz, 38, claims that this chip gives him a ‘new human sense.’

The electronic chip is attached to the skin with two titanium bars, and includes a compass chip with a Bluetooth connection.

The chip vibrates every time Mr Babitz faces north, transforming his body into a functioning navigational system.

The electronic chip is attached to the skin with two titanium bars (Image: BBC)

Speaking to BBC’s Victoria Darbyshire, Mr Babitz said: “You walk on the street staring at your phone.

“You want to get somewhere but you have no idea what’s happened in the world around you because all you did was stare at the screen on the way.

“Imagine if you didn’t need it, you could navigate the world exactly like a bird and you would know exactly where you were all the time – blind people could navigate.”

However, biohacking technology raises security and privacy issues, as the data generated could be used to track people.

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