Europe Is Burning, But Main Stream Media Refuses To Cover It As Protestors Chant ‘We Want Trump’

Letter from Germany: Europe is in chaos | Exposing Modern Mugwumps

People in Europe chanting “WE WANT TRUMP”, ”WE WANT TRUMP”,  fighting against the Deep State Global Cabal, the Media refuses to report this, blacking out any news outlets from truth! Q Posts and more!

U.S. Government is shut down on Wednesday, the world will be watching that funeral, too much coincidence to overlook.
Pure speculation but I think they’re gonna round them all up live on TV, at the dogs funeral.
The Media would have no choice but to keep the cameras rolling, my two cents. And for the record, we got a civil war going right now. Great channel. Fresh Blood & Liberty
You are absolutley right , we do want Trump in our own countries. Here in the U.K. we are not seeing much on the MSM about the protests anywhere.Brexit is a mess , thanks to Theresa May , the new world order puppet. We are having to fight hard to get out of the E.U. Puppet leaders that won’t do what they are told by the people.
Maybe they set the furnal for Dec 5th to stop Comey from testifying but wouldn’t it be cool if President Trump decided to Declasify everything while the funeral was going on, think about it. That would be Sooo Cool.

To hell with the EU and I am happy four countries like Poland Czech Republic hungry and anyone else that has stopped taking in these immigrants. Tommy Robinson has been preaching against it for years now hopefully we do not fall in the same trap mr. President thank you for everything you are doing God bless you. Steven Amato

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