Mini Ice Age To Arrive In A Matter Of Months?

26 Nov 2018 – Today’s lack of sunspots, characteristic of a solar minimum, could bring record low temperatures, but some experts suggest it could even produce a “mini ice age,” warns this article on

“Something unusual, but perhaps not so unusual on a large scale, is happening to our sun.

“We are currently living in the 24th solar cycle recorded. What is believed to cause a mini ice age is a prolonged solar minimum, ie an extended period of time when the sun does not have sunspots.

“The last time a prolonged solar minimum was recorded, a mini ice age really occurred and was called Minimo di Maunder. This period lasted from 1645 to about 1715. In these 70 years, sunspots became extremely rare.

Solar Cycles 22, 23 AND 24 – Credit NASA claims that sunspots have been absent for most of 2018, to the point where they feel that a reaction is coming from the upper atmosphere of the Earth which, in turn, could produce these temperature differences.

“It could happen within a few months. If current trends continue, a cold record in the space age could soon be established,” said Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. Speaking of the potential cold wave that could reach us, Mlynczak said that “we are not yet close”, but a matter of months is not so long.

During the last ice age the entire earth was NOT covered in ice, but this is a fun image anyway. If the continents had been totally covered in ice, then sea levels would have been far, far lower and the continents larger, rendering this image totally wrong.

The data obtained from NASA’s TIMED satellite (Thermosphere Ionosphere Energetics and Dynamics) demonstrate that the upper layer of the air surrounding the Earth, known as the thermosphere, is shrinking and cooling, literally decreasing the radius of our atmosphere.

“From all this could be a real phase of global cooling.

“The thermosphere always cools during the solar minimum. It is one of the most important ways in which the solar cycle influences our planet,” Mlynczak continued.

“In addition, studies by Northumbria University (England) and UC-San Diego confirm NASA’s observations, suggesting a great solar minimum due to very low sunspot activity.”

Thanks to Mario Galea in Italy for this link

Original Article:

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