What Happened In The Sky Over California?

A mysterious flash of light, described by some as an explosion, was spotted in the skies over Southern California Tuesday morning. There was no immediate word from officials on what may have caused the flash, but it was seen by many people from San Diego to Victorville who took to social media to search for answers.

Mysterious Flash of Light Prompts Social Media Frenzy From San Diego to Victorville
Mysterious Flash of Light Prompts Social Media Frenzy From San Diego to Victorville. Picture by Robb Webb via Twitter

Did anyone else see an explosion in the sky?? The best way I can describe it,” Mallory Guillen from Victor Valley posted on Facebook about 4:20 a.m.

Robb Webb posted a photo of what he saw over the Los Angeles area on Twitter.

Definitely saw 2 streaks of light in the sky this morning on Vern’s dog walk. Managed to snap a pic of the 2nd one, right next to a plane,” @ROBBWEBB3 posted.

Brittany Strauss from Riverside asked, “Did anyone else see that giant flash in the sky just now?

Apparently, many did. People posted seeing a strange light in at least the following locations:

Rancho Cucamonga
San Diego
Moreno Valley
Lucerne Valley
Long Beach
Santa Monica

The California Highway Patrol did not receive any calls from drivers regarding the light and the booming light remains a mystery.

Original Article:http://strangesounds.org/2018/11/mysterious-explosive-flash-of-light-in-the-sky-gets-people-crazy-from-san-diego-to-victorville-southern-california.html

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