Perversion: Secret Sex Doll Parties

THESE surreal pictures lay bare the secret sex doll party where middle-aged men from across the United States showcase their collection silicone lovers behind closed doors.

Sex dolls showcased at the South Texas Lefty’s Doll Meet

Sex doll enthusiasts, including single and married men, descended on the exclusive gathering in Texas last weekend to meet like-minded hobbyists who share the same fascination with fake plastic women.

At the three-day meet-and-greet, more than 30 human-like sex dolls were displayed by attendees in a pageant-style presentation.

Guests did not have sex with the dolls, but “checking them out” and fondling with their breasts was “very much an accepted thing”, one party-goer said.

Besides from admiring and touching each other’s dolls, guests drank beer, shot guns and “did guy stuff”.

These gatherings, which happen two to three times a year in different US states, are part of the burgeoning sex doll zeitgeist currently sweeping the globe.

texas sex doll party

MEET-AND-GREET: Sex doll enthusiasts gathered in Texas for a three-day meeting (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

Men in the US and across the world are starting to chose sex dolls over real women in growing numbers, with manufacturers such as RealDoll capitalising on the booming demand.

Fascinating pictures taken inside the undisclosed venue show the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every aspect of each sex doll, from accessories and make-up to clothing and wigs.

Manipulated to strike a range of poses – some more provocative than others – each sex doll has completely different features.

Some dolls appear to resemble celebrities and characters from movies, with Lindsay Lohan and Lara Croft among the lookalikes pictured in the room.

sex doll party

GATHERING: Sex dolls brought their silicone lovers to the three-day event (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

sex doll party

HOWDY PARTNER: Guests drank beer, shot guns and ‘did guy stuff’ (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

“A doll handshake is a bobby squeeze”


One attendee, who uses the pseudonym Mahtek, likened the inconspicuous event to a discrete “car show” for sex dolls.

“Most people probably think we’re getting together to have a big doll orgy,” Mahtek, a 55-year-old singleton, told Daily Star Online.

“It’s really more of a car show. Everyone gets a look at everyone else’s car but nobody gets to drive it.”

Mahtek, from Dallas, Texas, bought his first sex doll in 2004 after his attempts to meet a woman who he could start a family with “never worker out”.

“I’m still single, now have seven dolls with another on the way” the chemist said.

He said the party, organised via sex doll forums, is a great place to “meet friends, break bread and talk doll”.

Sex doll enthusiast displays dolls including ‘Jessica Rabbit’

sex doll

SECRETIVE: The sex doll meet-and-greet took place at an undisclosed location (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

“We have a running joke that a doll handshake is a bobby squeeze,” he said.

“Everyone will be walking around squeezing doll’s boobs and checking them out to see if that’s the kind of model they would like.”

Cinnamon Lover, 49, said the event was his second meet-up having been a doll user for 24 months.

The married software developer from San Antonio, Texas, said he uses sex dolls because his wife is “not into intimacy as much as she was”.

“She’s going through menopause,” he said.

sex doll

LOOKALIKE: Some sex dolls appeared to resemble celebrities (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

Explaining how he mooted the idea of using sex dolls to his wife, he said: “I said, ‘I’m still plenty randy’, and she said, ‘well, let’s think about getting a doll’.

“I think she was thinking it was be a traditional blow up. She had no idea how realistic they were going to be.”

He said his wife doesn’t mind his hobby as long as she doesn’t “push the doll culture on her”.

Brick Dollbanger, a sex doll user of 10 years from California, US, was also among the guests at the event.

sex doll

REALISTIC: Men from across the US attended the event (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

sex doll party

CAR SHOW: Mahtek said the meeting is not a ‘big doll orgy’ (Pic: BRICK DOLLBANGER)

The property developer said the “doll meet” is “really on the low down” to avoid any backlash from locals in Texas, which is considered to be one of the most socially conservative states in the US.

He said: “it’s nice hanging around with guys who have the same interests.

“The doll community is a bunch of nice people.”

Describing the party, Cinnamon Lover added: “You will feel another doll, but it’s not a sex fest. It’s more about checking out other people’s dolls.

“It’s like, you have 17 supermodels – and they’re all on display.

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