What Happened Here? Plane From Another Time Crashes On The 101 In California

Plane From Another Time Crashes On California Freeway

A small plane sporting the bold markings of a World War Two Nazi bomber, stunned Californians yesterday when it crashed onto the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills, and then promptly burst into flames.

Drivers whipped their phones out, and social media erupted in a storm of amazed and amused remarks at the completely unexpected sight. Footage and images were quickly posted, including several videos that show the wreckage looking completely out of time as it is passed by several modern automobiles.

Time-traveling Nazis?

Fortunately, the pilot, who was the sole occupant, was not harmed. He was able to walk away from the wreckage, but perhaps disappointingly, he was not in a German military uniform.

While one Twitter user remarked that it “made sense” that the end would be brought about by “Time-travelling Nazi’s”, the plane is American made. It was painted to bear these specific marks by the Condor Aviation club as part of their WWII collection. The club is over 50 years old and was created by pilots dedicated to the history of air travel. The plane is a feature in aviation shows and parades. The German-themed plane was taken out for training purposes.

The plane hit near the middle of the north freeway at approximately 1: 15 pm and managed to avoid hitting any of the cars. The wing crashed into a concrete barrier, which is what has been determined as the cause of the explosion as the fuel tank was damaged on impact.

Limited information has been released, such as the reasoning behind the high-risk landing. The pilot, whose identity has been withheld, is reportedly an experienced pilot and flies for Alaska Airlines. The crash is currently under investigation by both National Transport Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration. The pilot is unaware as to what went wrong with the plane.

Traffic was backed up for miles while firefighter brought the flames under control. One has to wonder how many phone calls it took for the emergency services team to believe there actually was a crashed Nazi plane.

Original Article:https://www.disclose.tv/plane-from-another-time-crashes-on-california-freeway-350281

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