Why Is The US ARMY Hiring Internment And Resettlement Specialists?

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the usarmy ads are still on other sites, but the usarmy.com is “parked” for free by godaddy.com**

and goarmy.com website is not working, luckily i have screenshots from earlier this year

**godaddy is also pro police state, maybe that’s why they have 85% off coupons!

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and as i’ve heard before, everytime actually, its not for us, i ask you look at the document here 1st.

its the 2010 us army manual titles internment and resettlement operations. download it, its a pdf, and the pentagon has stated on tv it “was not for public release”. still doubt its for Americans?

control f will let you search the doc, search social security numbers- you will find its line 3 on prisoner intake forms.

search department of homeland security, its on of the participating agencies.

search segregation, notice how is has us military prisoners

while no mention of states, there are laws on some pages, those laws instruct on the use of foreign military’s within the USA.

there are 850+ prisons in the USA, staffed 24/7 unoccupied, there are also camps in the UK, Canada, and likely other English countries at least.

Original Article:https://www.disclose.tv/us-army-hiring-internment-resettlement-specialist-to-round-up-americans-349801

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