Hollywood Continues To Rail Against Trump: Alec Baldwin Declares “We Need To Overthrow The Government Under Donald Trump”

Alec Baldwin Calls on Democrats to ‘Overthrow’ Donald Trump’s Government
Saturday Night Live actor and relentless Trump critic Alec Baldwin has called on Democratic voters to “overthrow” the government of the United States at the ballot box.

“The way we implement change in America is through elections. We change governments here at home in an orderly and formal way,” he told a Democratic Party fundraiser on Sunday. “In that orderly and formal way and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump.”

Baldwin went on to criticize the Trump administration’s stance on gun control, immigration, and climate change. He also slammed Republicans for voting to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the face of uncorroborated sexual assault allegations earlier this month, calling the confirmation process “ugly.”

The veteran actor also spoke out in favor of the #MeToo movement, despite speaking out against the movement in recent months.

Baldwin reprised his role as President Trump on Saturday Night Live’s latest episode, in which he mocked the president’s Oval Office meeting with rapper Kanye West last Thursday.

Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump has drawn criticism from Trump himself, who said that the role saved Baldwin’s “dying mediocre career.”

Baldwin’s call to revolution is a tame one compared to the calls for radical action from establishment Democrats in recent weeks. Hillary Clinton argued last week that Democrats “cannot be civil” until they “win back the House and or the Senate.” Meanwhile, Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder reworked former First Lady Michelle Obama’s elegant “When they go low, we go high” phrase to better reflect the party’s attitude in 2018.

“Michelle always says ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No. No. When they go low, we kick them,”Holder said at a campaign event in Georgia. “That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”

With the political divide in the US seemingly widening by the day, Trump took to Twitter on Monday to issue a similar call to arms to Republican voters. “The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box,” he tweeted, quoting conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “The fight for America’s future is never over!”

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