Archaeologists Discover King David’s City ‘Exactly Where The Bible Said It Was’

A team of Israeli archaeologists has found King David's city "exactly where the Bible said it was," in present-day Israel.

The Holy Bible has been questioned and discredited as a credible historical source for centuries, however a leading Israeli professor has literally stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery that he believes will rewrite the history books and prove the Bible is a historically accurate document.

Professor Avraham Faust and his colleagues from from Bar-Ilan University believe they may have discovered something that, along with other archaeological finds, proves the historical accuracy of God’s Word and the existence of King David.

They have found a site at Tel ‘Eton in a valley near the Hebron hills of Israel that Biblical scholars claims to be the “exact location” of the Biblical city of Eglon, more famously known as King David’s city.

Western Journal reports:

Eglon was one of the five cities overtaken by Joshua and later listed as a part of Judah’s inheritance.

In Joshua 10, the king of Eglon is one of the five kings who tried (and failed) to overtake the city of Gibeon. It is later mentioned in Joshua 15:20 and 39, “This was the inheritance of the tribe of the people of Judah according to their clans… Lachish, Bozkath, Eglon, Cabon, Lahman, Chitlish.”

Scholars believe that the site discovered by Faust and his colleagues is the city of Eglon based on the location and carbon dating. The structure found was dated back to the 10th century which is when, according to the Bible, King David was ruling over God’s people.

While they didn’t find any artifacts with King David’s name inscribed on it, they did find other clues that made them believe that this city was under Israeli rule.