Shocker: Beyonce’s Former Drummer Says She Practices ‘Extreme Witchcraft’

Beyonce Kimberly Thompson

A woman who once worked as a drummer for Beyoncé claims the singer is wrapped up in the practices of “extreme witchcraft” and has been using her spells to run surveillance and control her finances, and now she wants a restraining order against Bey.

According to very bizarre court documents obtained by The Blast, Kimberly Thompson says she used to work for Beyoncé: “I worked for her as her drummer for her band for 7 years.”

She claims that for some reason, Bey has started a campaign of harassment against her, that includes “Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic” and “Magic spells of sexual molestation.” She also claims the “Lemonade” star murdered her kitten.

Thompson believes Beyoncé has been taping her phones and controlling her finances. It’s unclear why Thompson believes the singer is allegedly doing all this to her, but she is adamant it all stems from Bey.

We did some research on Thompson, and according to interviews and reports it appears she  is a drummer that performed with Beyoncé as part of an all-female band. She has also released several albums on her own record label and has played with The 8G Band on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

She also posted a YouTube video recently talking about “mean” people, and appears disheveled and erratic.

Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order was denied by a judge, most likely because of the non-sensical rantings about witchcraft.

We reached out to Thompson and Beyoncé for comment and will update accordingly.

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  1. I believe totally what Thompson says has been happening to her. Poor woman..someone tell her to run into the Lord Jesus Christ..He will be her strength & ever present help. Find Christians who are walking in Spirit & Truth..youll know them by their joy peace kindness goodness & who they are ones who proclaim Him as Lord.
    The devil is alive & rampant & these ones who have sold their souls to the devil are puppets in his stenchy hands.


  2. What profit a man to gain the world and loose his soul ,There are christon who have been bless thow our Lord Jesus Christ , Because they choose to go the right way ,,Any other way want lastNd I pray before they leave this world they will ask for forgiveness and turn there life over to Christ.


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