FEMA To Commence Presidential Alert System Testing System October 3rd

On October 3, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will test a previously unused “Presidential Mobile Alert System” that pushes an emergency action message to every active cellular device in the United States. The test was initially scheduled for 2:18PM EST on Thursday, but was postponed due to disaster relief efforts associated with Hurricane Florence, officials said.

Our source, a high-ranking FEMA official speaking under condition of anonymity, said persons worried about an October 3 FEMA takeover can put their minds at ease, at least for the moment.

“FEMA will not be knocking down doors on that day,” he said. “But be warned, this test is a prelude to a FEMA takeover sometime in the near future, and no I do not know the date. But it will happen.”

The name of the alert system, he added, is a misnomer; despite being called the Presidential Alert System, the president neither constructs nor controls the text messages. That responsibility falls on FEMA honcho brock long or one of his subordinates, who trigger the texts from FEMA’s D.C. headquarters or, if necessary, a mobile command center.

“FEMA has become totally autonomous. Ever since it was absorbed in the Department of Homeland Security, its powers have grown exponentially. The agency has become obsessed with controlling and manipulating the population in times of crisis, and the introduction of the Presidential Alert system has strengthened its ability to do just that,” our source said.

The October 3 test will provide FEMA will real-time analytics on how many cellular devices receive the broadcast. He said the agency would likely conduct several tests before actually moving against the population. At the appointed time, the alert messages will instruct gullible persons to seek shelter at the nearest FEMA relocation center. Moreover, the system uses geo targeting, so a person in Texas may receive an entirely different message than a person in California.

“One person’s phone might say ‘sit tight’ while another’s warns of imminent disaster if they don’t immediately beat feet to the nearest CAMP. Or the message might say ‘FEMA agents are waiting to save you at such and such intersection. Go there now’ They attenuate the message based on expected resistance,” our source said.  “If they fail to heed the message in a timely fashion, that’s when FEMA comes knocking at their door.”

A classified 2015 FEMA intelligence report predicts up to fifteen percent of the population will resist a declaration of Martial Law, and FEMA is believed to maintain a list of over 265,000 individuals deemed hazardous to its agenda.

“FEMA has the names, addresses, phone numbers of these people, or outliers, as FEMA calls them. With the presidential alert system, they can target a specific block of phone numbers, like those belonging to American patriots, and send confusing messages designed to lure law-abiding Americans into FEMA’s arms. This is part of their ultimate goal,” our source said. “People will be tricked because they will believe the message is coming from the president. Nothing can be farther from the truth,” our source said.

Original Article:http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/fema-takeover-the-presidential-alert-system/

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