NOAA Announces Hurricane Florence Producing 83ft Waves

hurricane florence from space, florence generates 83ft waves, giant waves hurricane florenceNOAA Forecasters say Hurricane Florence is generating enormous waves, as high as 83 feet (25 meters) as it makes its way toward the East Coast. The National Hurricane Center said the waves were measured by satellite.

Hurricane Florence as seen from the International Space Station (Photo: Randy Arnold / NASA)

To put 83 feet into perspective, that’s almost as tall as the lower Skyline Deck on the Space Needle (100 feet), or about double the size of a telephone pole (or the height of 12 Michael Jordans!)

The huge waves are being produced because currents are trapped by very strong winds moving in the same direction the storm’s motion. The center’s Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch is tweeting about the phenomenon.

The center of the storm is about 485 miles (785 kilometers) out to sea, with tropical-storm-force winds extending outward up to 175 miles.

To put in further perspective, the strongest fall and winter storms off our coast in the Pacific Ocean usually peak out around 30-40 foot waves. Alaska’s worst storms usually top out around 50 feet.

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