World Famous Holistic Doctor Shuts Down Clinic After Receiving Death Threats To Family And Patients

World famous holistic doctor suddenly shuts clinic after death threats to her entire family and trouble with FDA

(Note from Erin: We received a lovely thank you note from Dr. Farrah for sharing her story. We are thinking of her and hope she and her family are well and will continue to be safe.)

We are thinking of Dr. Farrah and her family in the Philippines right now. This amazing doctor, who had a world-famous clinic where patients could be seen for free, had to suddenly close its doors.

On her Facebook page of well over 3 MILLION followers, she explained the following:

“Today, the lives my children, my patients and I were threatened if I remain open. I need to temporarily close for the safety of my kids and patients. This breaks my heart to do this.

This time will also give me the opportunity to deal with the many issues coming from government offices and agencies initiated from the complaints filed by certain medical societies. These resulted in the filing of several cases against me, raids of my property and clinic as well as a prohibition now for me to manufacture health products. I’m also unable to currently administer and distribute them to my patients. My license to practice medicine could be revoked if I continue my service to patients right now. I cannot provide Boston C or any other of my inventions to any patients until these government issues are resolved. To do so could end my career as a doctor.

I’m cooperating with the government offices and agencies and resorting to all remedies available to me under the law to remedy this.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience and suffering that this could cause many of you and your loved ones. This is not what I want to happen to my patients. It saddens me beyond measure.

It’s my sincere hope that we can reopen at the soonest possible time so that I can continue to serve and care for you all.”

In an article written about her clinic, which you can view here, the author describes herself as “awestruck”:

I was awestruck to see hundreds of people from all over the Philippines, and other countries who came that day. How had I not heard about this beautiful farm-based facility where celebrities, captains of industry, government officials, and even royalty go?”

On her page, Dr. Bunch discusses the FDA raiding her clinic (they have nearly an identical FDA to our own country) and taking over 300,000$ worth of her devices and inventions.

See the video below:

Not only does she have well over 3 million followers on Facebook but she was set to receive a scientific breakthrough award, all while the FDA (as she calls them) was causing her trouble.

Original Article:

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