Crisis Of Consciousness: Over Half Of Americans Report Stress Prevents Them From Getting A Full Night Of Rest

Man unable to sleep while wife sleeps comfortably unaware.

A majority of Americans report that stress is keeping them up at night.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans say they occasionally lose sleep because they are worried about something, according to a survey released Thursday. Many people, 41 percent, say they worry about their relationships. Financial concerns came in a close second, with 36 percent of Americans saying money worries keep them up at night.

Among the generations, older millennials (ages 28 to 37) are most likely to say they lose sleep because they are worried about something, with 77 percent experiencing this problem. Most older millennials, 49 percent, are worried about their relationships, with money concerns coming in second at 43 percent. However, this age group is the most likely to be stressed about money, followed by Generation Xers (ages 38 to 53) at 41 percent.

Money is also the top reason (39 percent) younger baby boomers (ages 54 to 63) toss and turn at night. Americans who say money is a stressor reported that saving for retirement is their top concern (18 percent), followed by credit card debt (14 percent). Gen Xers and baby boomers are particularly concerned about saving for retiring, with 22 percent and 25 percent, respectively, reporting this worry keeps them up at night. Seventeen percent of millennials lose sleep thinking about their education costs, compared to just 6 percent of older adults who say the same.

Younger millennials (ages 22 to 27) are the most likely to be worried about their relationships, with 51 percent reporting that this keeps them up at night, according to the survey. Among Americans who report struggling with relationship worries, family-related issues and concerns are especially troubling.

Behind relationships and money, 30 percent of people say work stresses them out, 28 percent of people say health keeps them up at night and 14 percent of people blame politics for their insomnia. When it comes to work, however, millennials are more likely to lose sleep over it than their older counterparts, 39 percent compared to 22 percent of baby boomers and 37 percent of Gen Xers.

Brad Klontz, an associate professor of practice at the Financial Psychology Institute said in the survey that journaling about what’s worrying you can help put your mind at ease.

“Dump this stuff from your brain onto paper. And I think part of us relaxes when we believe that maybe we’re perhaps going to take some steps to fix this stressor,” Klontz said.

The silent generation (ages 73 to 90) seems to be the least stressed of all. Their top concern is health, with 29 percent of respondents saying this worries them, and only 13 percent worry about finances.

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