Signs In The Heavens: Angel-Shaped Clouds Appear In Texas

An image of an angel-shaped cloud is going viral, inspiring faith across the internet—and a few trolls.

Danny Ferraro posted the picture to his Facebook page with the caption: “TEXAS ANGEL This was the sunset as we were driving down Hwy 105. How awesome is that!”

The photo garnered hundreds of comments/reactions and thousands of shares.

While some internet trolls compared the cloud to a praying mantis in a dress or Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, others saw it as a sign from above.

“Things like this make me so thankful for God’s beautiful blessings. I recently lost my mom and seeing this just made my day!” commented one person.

Another said: “I take this as a Blessing from God ! Thank You Jesus for this beautiful sign of You God for watching over us all.”

Someone else wrote: “Oh my gosh!!! God is at work, Beautiful!!!”

Another posted: “Our Lord Jesus Christ is sending a message to all of us through the Angel above.”

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