Wildfires The Result Of Directed Energy Weapon?

All over the Internet, people are theorizing about the possibility of the Ventura County, California fires being engineered, or influenced with directed energy weapons, as speculation occurred with the Santa Rosa fires several weeks ago. People are pointing out the anomaly of a wild fire occurring at night time in winter.





One of the most compelling videos seems to show a laser beam blasting through the scene of the previous Santa Rosa fire at night.



At 4:43 in the above video, one can see the smoke from burning trees spiraling upward in an unusual way. A burst of flame emerges from the trees. One would have to verify that this in fact was filmed in Santa Rosa, because a few photos circulating about directed energy weapons and the fires are actually from different fires, filmed on different occasions.

Geoengineering researcher Patrick Roddie noted that the recent fires are displaying characteristics of Pyroclastic activity.





People are examining weapons created by the military industrial complex, trying to figure out if they could have been used to create the California fires.

These include the Lockheed Martin directed energy weapon (yes this is an official photo from the company):


The Boeing YAL-1A Airborne Laser:


The General Atomics Avenger drone (formerly known as Predator C), which may be sometimes equipped with a laser:


One can point to melted car parts, structures being destroyed by fire while other seemingly more flammable things remain intact, and anecdotal observations such as this, and conclude that these new fires are being engineered. But is that a leap of logic?

Well technically yes, it’s a leap of logic to conclude the fires were *definitely* engineered. But where else in our daily lives are we 100% certain of something we believe because we reasoned through it completely?

Why are people theorizing about California fires being intentionally engineered? It’s not some unfounded paranoia: it’s a suspicion that has organically arose in people due to a long history of Americans being experimented on and mistreated by the government (including in San Francisco, which was sprayed with bacteria in one of the largest human experiments in history).

It’s not an unfounded paranoia, but a suspicion that stems from a weary public that has to deal with the skies in California being sprayed every day. It’s a suspicion that arises from 100x the legal limit of aluminum, and 3x the limit of barium being found in Sacramento, California rainwater where this video was taken, at the same time the footage was recorded.



It’s a suspicion that stems from the fact that monster defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Atomics have been developing directed energy weapons, lasers that are shot out of planes: and many people do not believe they are immune to becoming victims of the military industrial complex, no different from the innocent victims in Yemen or Syria who are bombed by the US.

So what do we need to do, in evaluating the probability of these fires being started with directed energy weapons? We need to learn about those weapons and what they look like when they fire. We need to learn about what motive a powerful person or entity would have for starting the fires, and ask as many eyewitnesses as possible what they saw.

Some say houses are again burning down while trees stay intact: that deserves some investigation.

People need perspective on what the defense contractors even are to evaluate the probability of this: and that involves examining the defense contractors’ role in weather warfare.

For a really long article on the history of weather warfare, read this. It will put this entire thing in perspective.

When one understands that the sky is being sprayed every day, that the president of Iran has accused the US of engineering drought and engaging in weather warfare, and when you have studied the content of books such as “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project,” the probability of engineered fires seems more likely.

The aforementioned book details the American defense contractors’ involvement with weather warfare. From Raytheon to Boeing, nearly all of them have involvement with both the development and probably the modern covert application of weather modification technology.

The book’s author wrote several extremely long articles about this online, for sites such as Activist Post. Reading from one published in November 2015, titled “MITRE: Architects of the New Manhattan Chemtrail Project?”:

“MITRE was founded in 1958 with about 500 employees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory to resolve a technical mess made by the previous administrators of a system called the SAGE Air Defense System. MIT and the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories founded the project.

The RAND Corporation, the Ford Foundation, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were disproportionally represented on MITRE’s first board of trustees. Connections to the original Manhattan Project, Edward Teller, Rockefellers and Rothschilds are readily found.

The SAGE system was another tremendously huge covert effort involving radar, computers, command and control centers, and a fleet of some thirty unmanned, remotely controlled missile-like jet aircraft designed by Boeing to hit enemy bomber aircraft before they could reach American cities. This was all, of course, to keep us safe from the Russian nuclear threat.

It is this SAGE system from which today’s New Manhattan Project aircraft control system probably evolved. Over the years, MITRE has consistently developed many different air traffic control systems capable of remotely controlling large numbers of aircraft. It is this SAGE system that has most likely served as the nucleus of the New Manhattan Project; passed on throughout the decades.

For more about the New Manhattan Project’s fleet of proprietary drone aircraft, please see the author’s previous article “Death from Above: The New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet.”

There was one MITRE air traffic control project that looks more like today’s New Manhattan Project than any other. It was called Position Location, Reporting, and Control of Tactical Aircraft (PLRACTA). Let us reference a passage from the aforementioned book “MITRE: The First Twenty Years:”

“In the late 1960s, the activities being pursued separately under CNI [Communications, Navigation, and Identification] and CASOFF [Control and Surveillance of Friendly Forces] were combined into a single advanced development program called PLRACTA, standing for Position Location, Reporting, and Control of Tactical Aircraft, headed by C. Eric Ellingson. PLRACTA’s goal was to provide information exchange among a maximum of one thousand aircraft and other, ground elements of the control system.”

PLRACTA later became known as Seek Bus, then later still as the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS). JTIDS is in use today. Here is the JTIDS Wikipedia page.

The NMP’s air traffic control is probably operated out of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. This location has been the most dominant North American air traffic controller and the site of intense MITRE activity over the years. NORAD is a joint U.S. and Canadian operation.

MITRE did the big study that provided a scientific basis for the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1976 Toxic Controlled Substances Act. This is significant because, before they produced that study, MITRE worked with the Department of the Interior’s Office of Coal Research to produce a study about possible cleaner uses of coal. Not only that, but for the Interior Department, MITRE investigated methods for doubling or tripling coal production.

These facts are interesting because J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D. has come forward with a hypothesis that chemtrails usually consist of reconstituted coal fly ash. Maybe MITRE and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked together to make sure that plenty of toxic and otherwise illegal coal fly ash was removed by government mandated coal fly ash scrubbers and therefore available as New Manhattan Project chemtrail spray. We know that government has been mandating the scrubbers. Personally, I can smell chemtrails now and it smells like ash. Dr. J. is looking more correct all the time.”

It takes research as complex as the paragraphs above to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and evaluate the probability of a General Atomics, or Lockheed Martin using directed energy weapons against their own people.

So if you think people are crazy for wondering if the Ventura County fires were engineered, or if the past Santa Rosa fires were, put it in perspective: how crazy is it that our skies are being sprayed? How crazy is it that laser weapons are actually going to be in use soon? We’re living in a time where assessing the probability of something being truth or fiction is becoming increasingly difficult.

Original Article:https://www.march-against-monsanto.com/were-the-california-fires-engineered-with-directed-energy-weapons/

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