Giant Stone Spheres Appear In Arctic, Scientists Are Baffled

Giant Stone Spheres Discovered On Artic Island Baffle Scientists

The appearance of perfectly spherical rocks baffles the scientific community.

Bizarre, perfectly rounded rocks described by some observers as the ‘footballs of God’ have been discovered on the uninhabited Champ island which lies above the polar circle in the Franz Josef archipelago.

Champ Island Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica

At first glance, it would appear that these perfectly spherical objects had been scattered on the island quite deliberately. However, the small island is completely barren and there is no evidence to suggest that human beings have ever settled there meaning that scientists studying the area do not believe that it is feasible that they were artificially created by humans.

Island Champ Franz Josef Land

To compound the mystery, similar spherical balls have been found on Heiss Island in the same archipelago as well as in more distant locations such as Volgograd, New Zealand, China, Bosnia and South Africa. According to the Russian polar researcher, Viktor Boyarsky, the spheres are made from a soft sandstone.

The material that the spheres are comprised of is about the only thing that geologists can agree on when it comes to these mysterious stones. According to Konstantin Zaikov of the Arctic Federal University, these fascinating stones were formed thousands of years ago by processes of crystallization of the sandstone followed by the subsequent magnetization of the grains of sand on the created crystals. Over time, the sand grains hardened and created a dense spherical stone.

Sky Arzhan Iceland
World Cup 2018 Siberia

However, this conclusion is contradicted by the Austrian geologist Sepp Fridhubera who has put forward a rival theory. Fridhubera claims that the rounded shape of the stones suggests that it was formed under the water and it is likely that an organic core at the center of the stones has contributed to its spherical shape.

These theories are merely the most popular in geological circles. There are dozens of theories circulating about what processes might have caused this astonishing natural phenomenon and no sign that agreement will be reached at any point in the near future.

Franz Josef Land Stone Balls Champ Island Spheres Of Costa Rica

Interestingly, all of these scientists presume that the stones must have been made naturally. However, the bizarre shape of the stones does open up the possibility that they were created by intelligent hands. If this theory is thrown into the mix, then there could be hundreds of more questions to answer about the stunning footballs of God.

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