Media Schedules The Next Big ‘Outrage’ For August

With the media’s “border holocaust” narrative falling apart, the government’s state biased “journalist” are now busy scheduling in their next installment of “fear and outrage.” Remember, this was mostly a fake news event. The dad of the little crying toddler has now stated that she was never separated from her mother. Time magazine used the photo for their cover to condemn Trump.

In August, the organizers of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, will embark on Washington D.C. for a similar rally. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect with critical mid-term elections right around the bend. It is being called the “one year anniversary of Charlottesville” and the National Park Service has already given initial approval.

The event would take place starting on August 11th in Lafayette Square Park if the organizers end up getting full approval. And why wouldn’t they? “Media outrage” is the only play left in a deeply troubled liberal playbook.

Jason Kessler, the event’s organizer, said the event plans to protest “civil rights abuse” that he claims occurred in Charlottesville.

During Charlottesville, a driver of a car drove through the crowd, killing one person and injuring 19. The media had a field day with the events which they pitched as an expose’ of American racism that’s “risen since Trump took over.”

Originally, Kessler was not approved for the rally due to “threats to public safety.” However, Kessler sued, and now the city seems to be changing its tune and recalling the roots of our free society (whatever is left of that).

“This is the First Amendment right of all Americans to speak freely and assemble peaceably, regardless of what their message is,” the NPS spokesman said.

Of course, we can expect Antifa to show up and help create a ratings boom for media conglomerates such as NBC, ABC, and most notably, CNN. Journalists are likely to cry on national television and Facebook profile pictures will be updated with virtue signaling themes.

The media, at his juncture, is literally scheduling in “resistance” outrage. Kessler has only confirmed a mere 400 people to join him, however, the media will utilize Antifa’s typically violent presence as a way to make things so much worse than they are. Soros is likely to dump money into the event to create what will appear to be a massive rally ripe with “Trump supporting racists.”

The end goal, just like the “border holocaust,” is to instill fear in people. Make them feel as though society is falling apart and that their only savior is more government control over the herd.

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