Nibiru Cracking Earth, Says Climatologist Ethan Trowbridge

The destructive presence of a brown dwarf star and multiple orbiting planets have spawned new faults in the Earth’s crust, says Nibiru whistle-blower and former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge. While the USGS has acknowledged some newfound fault lines—one in London and another beneath Hollywood’s Rodeo Drive—the Geological Society refuses to address the existence of at least seven additional fractures in the Earth’s lithosphere. More importanly, it evades explaining the root cause of radical planetwide changes.

Nibiru’s electromagnetic wave front and gravitational pull are literally cracking our planet, Dr. Trowbridge says. For example, last month a seismic shear wave created a mammoth fracture in Africa. It was as if a giant zipper had been suddenly ripped open, leaving an enormous gash in the Earth. Despite receiving almost no mainstream media coverage, the event swallowed part of a major highway and displaced hundreds of Kenyans who lived near the event’s epicenter. Most scientists say there is nothing to fear, and Africa would take tens of millions of years to split in two. But Dr. Trowbridge argues otherwise.

“These arrogant scientists, I lump them into two groups. Those who know about Nibiru and those who don’t. Most who do won’t speak up for fear of being ostracized from the scientific community, and those who don’t are unable to factor Nibiru into the equation. Nibiru is exerting tremendous stress on our planet. You and I might not feel it, but Earth does. Nibiru is already generating a geomagnetic and geophysical shift, as evidenced by the position of the setting sun, but now friction causes the formation of new subduction and fault zones that will transform the face of the planet even before Nibiru reaches perigee. Africa is only one example.”

He says the recent string of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Hawaii are a quintessential examples of Nibiru’s influence on our fragile physiography. Persistent heating of the Earth’s crust, in combination with intense gravimetric eddies, generated a planar facture beneath Mt. Kilauea—a catalyst for quakes and unprecedented volcanic eruptions.  Similar events, also largely overlooked by mainstream news, are occurring in South America and Japan.

“What we’re seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “The overall picture looks bleak. At any time, Yellowstone could blow just as unexpectedly as did Mt. Kilauea. That will be a disaster the MSM cannot ignore. Stress is building up beneath the entire planet, and once a certain threshold is reached, it will all crumble apart. Even the mantle is eroding. USGS has known this since 1983 yet continues to collude with other agencies to hide life-threatening data, information on Nibiru, from the public.”

Moreover, he said the USGS routinely falsifies data on its own publically accessible geological maps to prevent viewers from comprehending earthly—and by extension cosmic—threats that endanger the planet. In the last year, transpressional ruptures and listric faults have opened beneath six states not historically known for seismic activity; examples include Florida, North Dakota, and Michigan. Only the presence of an exotic variable—in this case Nibiru—satisfactorily explains the exponential increase in seismic instability, volcanism, foundation discontinuity, sinkholes,  fissures,  and other geo-scientific aberrations.





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