Asteroid 2018 LV3 To Flyby Earth At Close Approach June 15th

A newly discovered asteroid designated 2018 LV3 will flyby Earth at a distance of 0.86 LD / 0.00219 AU (327 619 km / 203 573  miles) on June 15, 2018. This is the 35th known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year. 

This near-Earth object has an estimated diameter between 13 and 30 m (42 – 98 feet) and it belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was discovered at Pan-STARRS 2, Haleakala on June 11, 4 days before its close approach.

2018 LV3’s flyby is expected at 02:30 UTC on June 15, at a speed (relative to Earth) of 11.13 km/s.

Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Mission Design | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ]

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    I MONITORED THE WEATHER FOR THE AEOS (Advanced ElectroOptical System) Telescope.
    the Pan-Starrs 1 was actually called NEAT (Near Earth Asteroid Tracking).
    When they first installed it the Tech told me that there were too many near earth misses and most are found by amateur astronomers.

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