As Planned: New Study Shows Majority Of White Americans Feel Discriminated Against

Poll: Majority of White Americans Feel They’re Discriminated Against


If there’s one common thread weaving through society in modern-day America, it’s that we all feel discriminated against.

According to a study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, all ethnic groups feel discriminated against, including white Americans.

For years we’ve been told this doesn’t exist. It was impossible for white people to feel discriminated against. We had privilege, our ‘invisible knapsack’

How can blue collar white people be discriminated against if the majority of our government is run by corporate establishment shrills who happen to be white?

To liberals, it is as though our corrupt government watches out for white people while their same economic policies “harm” people of minorities.

One of the main questions often posed on the subject of white discrimination (by angry liberals I might add) is what is the proof?

A new poll conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health on public perception of racial discrimination yielded some surprising results. The majority of whites feel discriminated against.

More than half of whites — 55 percent — surveyed say that, generally speaking, they believe there is discrimination against white people in America today.

Notable, however, is that while a majority of whites in the poll say discrimination against them exists, a much smaller percentage say that they have actually experienced it. Also important to note is that 84 percent of whites believe discrimination exists against racial and ethnic minorities in America today.

19% of white Americans report feeling discriminated against while applying for jobs.

13% of white Americans report feeling discriminated against when being considered for promotion or receiving equal pay.

11% of white Americans report feeling discriminated against when applying to or while at college.

“If you apply for a job, they seem to give the blacks the first crack at it,” said 68-year-old Tim Hershman of Akron, Ohio, “and, basically, you know, if you want any help from the government, if you’re white, you don’t get it. If you’re black, you get it.”

I can relate in a way to what Hershman is saying. In college, I found it annoying at times that African-American students (with far more economic and educational advantages than I ever experienced growing up!) didn’t have to maintain as high of a GPA to keep their scholarships merely on account on their skin color. Talk about institutionalized racism against Blacks! The “progressive” liberals are always doing everything in their power to keep African-Americans subjected!

But, I can’t really say that I ever personally felt discriminated against. That wasn’t the mindset for success. I still had a personal responsibility to do what I needed to do to succeed.

How do objectively gauge what is discrimination without reverting into a mentality of victimhood?

Discrimination has many levels. Many whites believe discrimination exists but that they’ve never experienced it personally. Read this testimony.

Representing Category 2 is 50-year-old heavy equipment operator Tim Musick, who lives in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. He says anti-white discrimination is real, but he doesn’t think he has ever really felt it personally.

“I think that you pretty much, because you’re white, you’re automatically thrown into that group as being a bigot and a racist and that somehow you perceive yourself as being more superior to everybody else, which is ridiculous,” Musick said, speaking during his lunch break at a construction site.

“I’m just a man that happens to have been born white,” Musick continued.

He also makes it clear, however, that he is not comparing what happens to whites to the African-American experience.

“I don’t know what it feels like to be a black man walking around in the streets, but I do know what it feels like to be pegged, because of how you look, and what people perceive just on sight,” said Musick, who has the stocky build of a retired NFL lineman and a shaved head under his hard hat.

Musick makes a very good point. The left is engaged in an active character assassin campaign against white people. While this might not trigger a high alarm in most people, it is extremely problematic. Whites make up the majority of America. Removing their ability to comment and react to social issues silences the majority voice in American politics.

The end goal is likely even darker.

Just listen to how uppity liberal Democrats react to the notion that they are silencing the majority voice in America.

Now for the third category — those who scoff at the notion that whites face racial discrimination.

That describes retired community college English teacher Betty Holton, of Elkton, Md.

“I don’t see how we can be discriminated against when, when we have all the power,” Holton said, chuckling in disbelief into her cellphone.

“Look at Congress. Look at the Senate. Look at government on every level. Look at the leadership in corporations. Look. Look anywhere.”

Holton asserts: “The notion that whites are discriminated against just seems incredible to me.”

Holton is a part of the establishment mouthpiece benefiting from said institutions. Most people in government are white. But, they are representing their economic class, not the people. This is primarily an economic issue. Money controls the establishment. Big businesses, lobbyists, and political figures primarily represent the interests of the 1%. Race has little to nothing to do with this topic. It is merely a distraction tactic.

They want you to believe that the majority of the population are born with so much “white privilege” any failure to get ahead is their fault. Minorities are coached to believe they can’t get ahead or off Democrat patronage because they are victims and institutionally discriminated against in American society. The paradox or the beauty to this liberal master plan is that no solution exists. Most white people are not racist. Most white people would stick their necks out if they knew a person of color was being denied an education or employment opportunities. They are not racist. The problem is imaginary. Just like their constructs of gender. But, at the same time, this plan also seeks to encourage racism. You can’t tell a group of people they are evil racists with tons of privilege despite working 3 jobs and still barely making ends meet and not expect resentment or increased racial sensitivity to grow.


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