The Players Are In Place: Merkel Squeaks By In National Election, Largely Thanks To Media and Ever-Loved ANTIFA

Merkel Squeaks By: What Does It Portend for Germany, the U.S., the EU, and Globalism?

“We will hound Mrs. Merkel, and we will take our country and our people back!” So, reportedly, declared Alexander Gauland, a co-founder and spokesman for Germany’s AfD (Alternative fur Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), the party that, arguably, was the real victor in Germany’s national elections on September 24. Thanks to overwhelming support from the establishment media and violent Antifa demonstrations aimed at suppressing opposition voters, Chancellor Angela Merkel (shown) won a fourth term, but huge wins by the conservative AfD in the Bundestag mean she may not be ruling for long. The AfD, founded only four years ago, made remarkable inroads, and may be able to make good on Mr. Gauland’s pledge to hound Merkel from office.

Analysts are still trying to figure out how the shakeup of Germany’s ruling “grand coalition” will play out in terms of Merkel being able to find allies to form a ruling partnership. The impact of the election affects not only Germany but also the United States, the European Union, the global economy, and the push for world government, which the organized globalists euphemistically refer to as the “New World Order.”


Germany is not only the European Union’s most populous state with the largest economy, but it is also the key EU player in NATO, as well as being a top U.S. trading partner. Moreover, Germany exercises considerable power and influence in international institutions, such as the European Central Bank, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, G7, G20, and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Smearing, Trashing the AfD

Thanks to overwhelming support from the establishment media, combined with violent Antifa demonstrations aimed at suppressing opposition voters, Merkel’s “Union” government, composed of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with its ruling coalition partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU), scraped by with a plurality — 32.8 percent of the total vote, a drop of 8.7 percent since the last election in 2013. The Social Democrat Party (SPD) led by Martin Schulz, Germany’s second largest party after the CDU/CSU, dropped five points, garnering 20.5 percent. The SPD, Germany’s oldest political party, has ruled with the CDU/CSU in a “grand coalition” for the past four years, but its leaders now say the SPD will break with Merkel. This is, already, forcing her to scramble to pull together a working coalition with the radical Greens and the Free Democrats (FDP). Like Merkel’s CDU/CSU, the SPD supports the European Union and the continued influx of Muslim “refugees.” The fact that there has been little to distinguish the SPD from the CDU/CSU undoubtedly contributed to Schulz’s poor showing.

The AfD came in third, with 13.2 percent, up 8.5 percent from the 2013 elections. The AfD’s showing, which surpassed most media “expert” predictions, means that the AfD will hold as many as 94-95 seats in the Bundestag, the lower house of Parliament. The precise number of seats that the new Bundestag will hold is somewhat up in the air, as is the exact number that will be claimed by the AfD, because of a complicated new apportioning system introduced by Merkel in 2013. Under the new system a floating number of “overhang seats” means the final seat count in the Bundestag may be in the 630-640 range, but, according to some estimates, “the number would be closer to 670, and theoretically could even reach 800.”

The AfD, which, is invariably described as “far right,” “extreme right,” and “anti-immigrant” by the German, European Union, and U.S. media, is also frequently smeared with the Nazi, fascist, racist, xenophobe labels. However, AfD leaders and activists have repeatedly and heatedly denied any Nazi /neo-Nazi/Fascist/racist ties, and its critics have failed to substantiate those charges. And, ironically, as a Reuters news story noted on September 29, the AfD has more immigrant Members of Parliament than does Merkel’s CDU/CSU. Nevertheless, the AfD parliamentary victory on September 24 was greeted with headlines proclaiming that AfD “Nazis” would be entering the Bundestag, while militant leftists, including black-clad masked Antifa hoodlums, carried out disruptions and protests in major cities. It was a continuation of the escalating violence over the past year by the intolerant Left against the AfD, which they hypocritically accuse of intolerance. In April, the intolerant anti-AfD Left organized demonstrations to disrupt and blockade the AfD’s national convention in Cologne (see videos and photos herehere, and here).

The violent Antifa movement that has spread mayhem throughout America over the past year was launched in Germany in the 1920s by Germany’s Communist Party. In Germany today, as in the United States, the Antifa hoodlums continue to self-identify as militant communists and are dependent upon various communist parties and communist front groups, both for theoretical and operational leadership, as well as providing storm troopers for street confrontations and thuggery. As in the United States, where the Antifa violence has been assisted by top Democratic Party officials, Merkel critics have blasted the chancellor not only for the crime and chaos introduced by Merkel’s Muslim “refugee” invasion, but also for allowing Antifa to run amok in German streets, beating and intimidating German citizens peacefully exercising their rights.

Establishment Backs Merkel

As in past elections, the German media assisted Merkel at every turn, while demonizing the AfD. Merkel is portrayed as the anchor of stability in a tumultuous world. She is “the most powerful woman in the world,” “the leader of the Free World,” “the Iron Lady,” or “Mutti (Mother) Merkel,” according to her media propagandists. These hagiographers have carefully censored all reference to her dark past and shielded her from the political consequences of her disastrous and unpopular policies. The most important part of that censorship involves the almost total blackout on any examination of Merkel’s early life as an official of the ruthless communist dictatorship of East Germany. As we reported in 2013, following her re-election to a third term, the explosive biography of Merkel entitled (in English), The First Life of Angela M, by journalists Ralf Georg Reuth and Günther Lachmann, exposed the fact that she was Secretary of Agitation and Propaganda for an important arm of East Germany’s Communist regime before Germany’s reunification. Rather than put her on the spot and force her to deny or explain precisely what her role was in that post for a very harsh, totalitarian regime, the German and global “mainstream” media allowed her to shrug off the book’s claims and to leave that murky area of her life as murky as she prefers to leave it. This is in sharp contrast, of course, to the treatment one can expect when a supposed skeleton — real or completely contrived — is “discovered” in the closet of a genuine Conservative, or even in the closet of the Conservative candidate’s great uncle’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s fifth-grade teacher. In that case it remains at the top of the news cycle for days, weeks, months — with breathless “new developments” invented hourly. But it’s considered gauche to bring up Merkel’s service to Erich Honecker, East Germany’s brutal despot and the Kremlin’s slavish Communist lickspittle.

As we noted in our 2013 article, in addition to her Communist albatross, Merkel had many other problems that would have ended her political career, except for the continuous assistance provided by the German media to divert public attention away from numerous debacles that would have tarnished the “Merkel Miracle” image, such as: repeated bailouts for the big banks; supporting the EU’s attacks on Germany’s national sovereignty; driving up energy prices by closing down all nuclear power plants and mandating more windmills; supporting the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP); and allowing NSA surveillance of German citizens, a violation of German law.

Most importantly, of course, the German (and international) media rushed to her aid to save her from ruin after she opened Germany’s borders to more than a million Muslim “refugees” in 2015. It was the migrant/refugee crisis that the AfD rode to victory on September 24, despite all the damage control provided to Merkel bu the establishment press. A good recent example of the blatant media bias is this report from Deutsche Welle  regarding the Antifa/Left protests against the AfD following the election. The Deutsche Welle article reflexively denounces the AfD as “far-right” 13 times, and features reporter Kate Brady, tweeting video reports from the demonstrations in Berlin, giving the impression that she (and Deutsche Welle) share the anti-AfD sentiments expressed by the Antifa mob, who “threw objects” at those attending an AfD election celebration and “pelted [police] with bottles and rocks.” Brady interviewed protesters who branded the AfD as racist, xenophobic, and fascist. Naturally, Brady and the other Deutsche Welle reporters did not ask them to provide any factual basis for the serious accusations they were making. Brady tweeted the protesters’ slogans such as, “Racism is not an alternative,” “AfD is a bunch of racists” and “Nazis out!”  In another post, Brady tweeted a crowd chant: “The whole of Berlin hates the AfD!”

AfD “Odd Couple” Provides No Real Solutions for Germany’s Woes

The AfD’s encouraging showing in the latest election and its new presence in the Bundestag provides some hope that Germany’s migration/refugee onslaught will be blunted and Merkel’s push for EU convergence will be slowed. But precisely what kind of “Alternative for Germany” the AfD is offering is open to question. The party is riven with much in-fighting and its two top leaders, Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel — the public faces of the AfD — exemplify the de-Christianization and moral decline of Germany. Gauland lives with his “life companion,” Carola Hein, without the benefit of marriage, while Alice Weidel, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, is a “lesbian mom” who is raising two children with Swiss film producer, Sarah Bossard, with whom she “is in a relationship.” The German people are facing the same dilemma as that facing all peoples in modern post-Christian countries: They are caught between the clashing rocks of Sodom and Mecca, both of which threaten Christian civilization with total destruction. Looking to Sodom for salvation from Mecca is a vain hope. Even if the AfD succeeds in completely ousting Merkel, Germany will still have a long way to go to remedy the moral and spiritual decline that is at the heart of its political and social problems.

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