Things Just Don’t Add Up: Conspiracy Theories Abound In Vegas Shooting

vegas shooting theory

Redditor Watmanwat, who claims to live in the Las Vegas area and was within ear range of the gunfire, put up a post earlier today proposing that the current information regarding last night’s Vegas shooting that took place during a country music concert simply does not add up. I’m not one to push conspiracy theory, however, this particular post has gone viral and attracted a lot of engagement regarding the matter. From a personal standpoint, I do admit that the current known information does seem absurd given the details of the mass shooting which we do know. Much of this could be explained by a lack of central details.

The Redditor’s theory, however, might be more complex. Seeing it has caused a lot of feedback to ensue, I thought I’d post it here for your perusal.


At 10:08pm on 10/01/17, a 64 year old man named Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay towards the Route 91 Country Music festival. Jason Aldean had just gone on stage when the shots started flying. There is at least 515 injured and at least 58 dead.

I live in Las Vegas off the I-15. Around 10:20pm I heard cavalrys, convoys of police sirens hauling ass past my house on the freeway. More than 100 cops had to have gone by. Easily 100mph+. Grabbed my scanner, googled scanner numbers, heard an active shooter on the strip. Turn on news and it’s confirmed.

I listened to the scanner from 10:30pm almost until 2am. I listened as they found the suspect dead in his room, strike teams were sent to different locations, medics sent everywhere, them clearing Mandalay Bay floor by floor, them finding 1200 people in the Michael Jackson Theatre, all of it.

Here is where it does NOT add up to me. As soon as I turned on the news I heard gunshots(around 10:20-10:25) I wish I would have recorded it. Around 10:30pm they found the shooter dead in his room. They say it’s a lone wolf act but in NUMEROUS VIDEOS you can hear two different guns firing at the same time. Not only that, but the weapons they found in his room were assault rifles. 10 of them, thousands of rounds of ammo. Here’s where I started to think something was wrong. Over the scanner, me and my mom VERY CLEARLY heard a 4 bullet burst. Then two different officers asked, “Shots fired?” Silence, 2 more burst of fully automatic fire, and another officer, “Shots fired??”. There was about a minute of radio static then resumed back to the normal strike team placement etc. Here’s the kicker: The SWAT had already found the suspect dead in his room. I do not have an accurate timeline on this, actually, I just remembered. This had to be before 11:00pm because that’s when the sheriff did the first interview with the news and it was before that.

There’s also the suspect. He had no outstanding charges, he never had prior weapon experience, no military background, was an all around good guy according to his brother. His brother was interviewed and even has texts going back and forth between the two with nothing leading up to anything like this. He claimed they were just normal brothers, he had actually texted about mom if I remember.
Another part that doesn’t add up is the fact that they delayed evacuating the Michael Jackson theatre for a few hours. If the police allowed MEDICAL to respond inside Mandalay Bay, that means they have the scene secure. My cousin is a paramedic in Lincoln County and he confirmed that that’s the procedure. If they were allowing medical on scene to Mandalay Bay, why was there such a confusing hiatus on evacuating that Michael Jackson theatre? It might be there was over 1000 people but I’m more than certain by all the videos I’ve seen that people knew what was going on and they were staying calm during all this.

Also. Why did the shooter need to break two different windows in two adjacent rooms at Mandalay Bay to shoot at one target? If the concert had a view, why break the second one to shoot from?

-Over the scanner I heard there was a gunman in:
-New York New York’s front desk
-New York New Yorks main escalator
-Mandalay Bay -Gate 6/7 of Route 91 Festival (either or can’t specifically remember)

Which makes sense, considering how many people they’ve been finding injured/dead scattered around. But police later confirmed it was people calling in from these casinos to report shots fired. But I heard from someone working at a bar in Mandalay Bay that he was helping people get cover from a shooting. He said the scene just erupted and it was an adrenaline rush haze. I can’t really speak for him but that’s what he told me. It just doesn’t make sense that we heard shots fired on the scanner last night after they found the suspect dead.

I’m just gonna make a list of the stuff that don’t add up:

  • Shots fired over police scanner after suspect found dead.
  • Multiple full auto weapons can be heard overlapping each other when fired on video
  • The suspect had no experience, background, or anything to do with weapons/military
  • It took hours to evacuate a theatre inside a casino that was already considered “secure”
  • Suspect was fully accurate firing from 320 feet up across a street from a casino
  • Victims found in New York New York, Mandalay Bay, Route 91, and Aria but shots fired only at Mandalay Bay

I’ve just been talking to way more people than normal who live here because of this, and most of us are certain that there might be some conspiracy here. Driving home today confirmed to for me when I looked up and saw the two windows smashed out at Mandalay Bay. This is my first post here and it’s a big one, but a lot of us in Vegas aren’t buying this. Whether the suspect was set up, there was multiple gunners, I don’t know.

(original Reddit post)

Original Article:

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