Scanning Devices? Mysterious $100 Million Dollar Towers Popping Up Around New York

Mysterious $100 Million Towers Popping-Up Throughout New York

New York’s public transportation system is under scrutiny for spending over $100 million dollars on mysterious metal towers surrounding the entrances of tunnels.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) claims this is just a part of his vision for redesigning MTA’s bridges and tunnels throughout the city. However, many people, even those on the actual MTA board itself have no idea what the true nature of these towers actually is.

Several officials have suggested the towers relate to homeland security and part of new anti-terror info-structure/technology.

Gov. Cuomo has made some interesting statements over the years regarding terrorism.

This comes as Gov. Cuomo symbolically declares, “As a New Yorker, I am a Muslim.”

The Cuomo family is notoriously tight with the Clintons and staunch Democrats. According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s brother, Fake News journalist Chris Cuomo, “the number one domestic terror threat in the United States is the extreme right”. 

And now they are fighting terrorism. Or are they?

Mysterious towers are popping up in New York surrounding tunnels and bridges. The construction is a part of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inactive to reconstruct MTA’s bridges and tunnels. But, people aren’t exactly sure why $100 million of government resources are going to fund these ominous looming “towers”.

Jose Lugo said the tall metal towers quickly appeared up after the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel tolls booths came down.

“We don’t really know what’s the purpose of this,” he told Carlin.

It’s a $100 million MTA project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them for tunnels and bridges. So what are they exactly?

According to several reports – they are to be used for surveillance in connection with Homeland Security. Although, officials connected to the project continue to maintain they’re in the dark in regards to the true function of these towers.


The MTA’s man in charge of the bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton, dodged Carlin’s questions Wednesday.

“I said no comment,” he said.

Cedrick Fulton, the head of the MTA’s bridges and tunnels, refused to comment and the MTA chaiman Joe Lhota said he wasn’t ‘at liberty to discuss’ details of the project.

All MTA chairman Joe Lhota was at liberty to share was that the towers were aligned with Homeland Security endeavors.

MTA chaiman Joe Lhota said the towers include ‘fiber optics necessary for those Homeland Security items’. So despite residents and MTA boardmembers feeling left in the dark about these towers (pictured), it seems they will partly be used as anti-terror technology.

Could that one day include facial recognition? We don’t know and Lhota won’t say.

The secrecy combined with the high budget for this project provide confirmation to the reports suggesting these towers are government surveillance towers masked under the guise of anti-terrorism measures.

Considering numerous members of the tightknit Cuomo family dynasty suggest the greatest terror threat to the U.S. is the far right – it stands to reason that a large portion of the country should be on guard against the left’s new heightened push to increase surveillance info-structure.

Could Gov, Cuomo be furthering the agenda of the New World Order on a state level for the left?

What do you think these are being used for?

Source: Daily Mail, CBS


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