Series Of Catastrophic Events Around The Ring Of Fire Point To A Potentially Major Event In The Near Future

The world’s billionaires are spending lot of money on preparations for the end of the world.

Given recent catastrophic events including three devastating Atlantic hurricanes, serious earthquakes in Mexico, and apocalyptic wildfires in Western United States, it would be a matter of basic prudence for the common person to consider putting in at least basic provisions to weather a natural disaster.

Earth is a living organism. And right now, all eyes are on the Pacific ring of fire, as a growing list of volcanic eruptions and tectonic tremors are pointing to a potentially major event in the near future.

The ring of fire is a massive circle of volcanoes along the perimeter of the Pacific ocean basin. Made up of 452 volcanoes, the ring of fire marks the edges of a tectonic zone where the Pacific ocean floor rises to form the western edge of North and South America and the islands along the eastern edge of Asia and Australia. It spans nearly 25,000 miles in distance and is the world’s primary source of earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Ring of fire, Ring of fire map, Ring of fire update
Ring of fire. via Wakingtimes

The entire population of Ambae is being moved from the path of the “increasingly active” Manaro volcano. On the Indonesian island of Bali, more than 144,000 people have been taken to shelters as authorities warn that Mount Agung could erupt at any time.

In the Americas, two major earthquakes in Mexico have caused widespread damage, followed by the increased of volcanic activity of the nearby Popocatepetl volcano. In recent days, other volcanoes in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Vanuatu, Japan, Indonesia have been becoming active.

Experts are pointing out that significant pressure has been building up along the San Andreas fault for decades now. Swarms of quakes have been detected in Yellowstone – more than 2300 quakes – and Idaho, causing serious concern about the possibility of the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.


Cascadia seismic zone

Of particular note in recent events are activity along the dangerous Cascadia subduction zone, which could produce a mega-thrust earthquake of magnitude 9 or higher along the coast of Washington State, Oregon and British Colombia.

Megathrust earthquakes occur when enough energy (stress) has accumulated in the “locked” zone of the fault to cause a rupture known as a megathrust earthquake. The magnitude of a megathrust earthquake is proportional to length of the rupture along the fault. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, which forms the boundary between the Juan de Fuca and North American plates, is a very long sloping fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California.

Cascadia Subduction Zone, Cascadia Subduction Zone map, Cascadia Subduction Zone plates
The Cascadia Subduction Zone

An earthquake along this fault line would be catastrophic for the heavily populated regions of the Pacific Northwest. Scientists have discovered that major earthquakes happen here an average of every 240 years. The last major Cascadia earthquake was 315 years ago… So a big one is OVERDUE!

It is hard to know if the current seismic and volcanic unrest along the Ring of Fire will have an impact on this fault. You just better be READY if it is the case

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